• How to evolve without looking up to the sky?

    Beethoven imagined the music he composed in his head. Violeta Parra is the most praised Chilean songwriter and she didn't know how to write music. Blind people are shooting champions, maimed persons ran marathons. Weren't we supposed to stay caveman? Knowledge is just the memory of past imaginations. Someone, somewhere, imagined a different world, and knowledge told them they couldn't, but they didn't care, they went ahead and did it ANYWAY. Imagine the world you want to live them, don't know submissively the world you were born in.

  • Knowledge needs Imagination to Progress

    Although knowledge is undeniably important, there would have been no advancement without imagination. Imagination is key to innovation and creativity. Debatably the most important advancement in human history was when humans became hunters and were able to develop tools with which to hunt. If they had had no imagination they would never have thought to put a rock in a pouch to create sling with which to kill an animal from afar. All advancements require someone to think outside of the box and create something, regardless of whether there is any hard facts that would support their idea.

  • They are similar.

    It is like saying, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Facts come from imagination while theories (imagination) root from knowledge. I believe that imagination is more important because it helps you understand more, while facts make you believe one way. Theories that have been named facts can be proven wrong.

  • Imagination is way more important than knowledge.

    Imagination is way more important than knowledge. Knowledge is just knowing what happened in the
    past, imagination is knowing what could possibly happen in the future. Almost all of the innovators, inventors and
    creators have a vivid imagination. Most
    artists are only able to do what they do because they are blessed with good

  • Imagination is more important...

    Albert Einstein had once said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.’ In the last 20 years, human innovation has advanced greatly compared to the last 200 years. When you think about it, you think that it is because we as humans have gotten smarter, and that it is thanks to our knowledge that the human civilization was able to improve. But in fact, knowledge alone isn’t the reason.
    Taking example, of our modern day. Humans have invented so many things, that we could only imagine of 50 years ago! When you think about it, even today we imagine of flying cars, teleportation, etc. But as important as imagination might be, we need knowledge to implement our imaginations. Imagination is something that you can only think of, and desire and knowledge is the thing that makes that desire, or thought of yours become a reality.

  • Yes it is

    The question is not: "would you rather have imagination and not have knowledge?" or the other way around. It is asking if imagination is more IMPORTANT than knowledge. Imagination is the basis of happiness in our everyday lives. Sure. It may not be as useful as knowledge, but without it, our world would be dominated by science and science only. Imagination provides entertainment, pastimes, and most definitely, what makes us human and alive. Imagination is a given and we should use it. Knowledge, as others mentioned before, is an easily acquired tool, and we can learn to achieve it any time of our lives. However, it is still imagination that is more treasured and important, and it makes us who we are today.

  • Yes I think imagination is more important

    Imagination is more important than knowledge because without imagination, then you can not go further with the knowledge you already have. For example if Thomas Edison knew how to make light but didn't have the imagination to make something useful out of his knowledge then we wouldn't have what is known today as the light bulb.

  • Imaginations create innovations

    Innovations are the knowledge, so without an imagination, there would be no innovation. Knowledge is given to us by trials of imagination and then testing them. Without imagination, we would not have knowledge. Imagination is a gatekeeper to knowledge. People do not get knowledge from knowledge, but from the imagination that leads to it. Knowledge cannot be gained without imagination.

  • Yes.

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge can be instilled through teachers, textbooks, and various forms of research. Knowledge is comparatively less valuable than imagination simply because it is not a rarity. Imagination is something that can not be taught. Imagination is transformation and powerful, whereas knowledge is simply an easily acquired tool.

  • Yes

    Imagination is just another door to greater knowledge and wisdom in my opinion. The ability to know facts and information straight from textbooks is good, but imagination is much stronger than that and a greater necessity, I believe. It allows you to truly understand and comprehend the things being learned and have a greater amount of knowledge because of this.

  • No no no n o n o no no no

    Knolege is beter than imagination no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No It's Not

    Imagination is very important, but it is not more important than knowledge. Without knowledge, imagination couldn't go anywhere. If you were very creative but didn't know how to speak or write, you would never be able to tell a beautiful story. If you were innovative but had no knowledge, your ideas would never be able to be put to work. Knowledge is the most important. Imagination only comes after.

  • Who ever the hell said yes than your'e all dumbass bitches.

    Without knowledge you can't think about anything. Knowledge is what fuels the imagination for a person to be able to imagine new things to think about. A person without knowledge will end up having a difficult time in there teen and adult years. Knowledge is definitely more important than imagination.

  • No it is not

    Knowledge is more important because you wouldn't know anything or know what to do on a school paper but imagination is kind important because you can imagine what's next in life.For example you need to know how to take a test or brush your teeth. Without knowledge we would be the dumbest people alive!!!!!!!

  • Knowledge gives you an understanding of the world

    If people didn't have knowledge than what would they think of? Nothing? Everyone needs knowledge to imagine, how would you know what to imagine without knowledge. For example, if you imagine a dog, how would someone figure out what that is without having knowledge to observe it....... .. . . .

  • Imagination cannot exist without knowledge.

    You can imagine if you have some knowledge. All that you imagine comes from combining the knowledge you gained. And your imagination is nothing if you can't do anything with it since without knowledge - the skill to give them real existence - they are forever trapped inside our imagination.

  • Without the knowledge of how to breath you would die.

    When you grow up imagination is a happy optimistic thought that maybe brings you through problems or it is a coping mechanism. But if all you did would imagine than you would become an unsuccessful adult when you grow older, without knowledge you would have no education or skill to apply to adult life. You would be screwed over by the time you reached your teen years

  • Everybody Who Said Yes Is Essentially An Idiot

    The thing about it is that without knowledge nobody would know anything! All they would have is a fantasy land only imagining things without being able to bring them to life. Basically without knowledge the world would be pointless because there would be no knowledge to keep making new life enhancing things

  • Imagination is stupid and useless grow up because this is the real world

    I think every one else has already explained it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • What is wrong with the world?

    Without knowledge how would we protect our children form harm or STDs again use your brains people we need knowledge how do you think you graduated? By imagining unicorns and cotton candy? For those of you who graduated. Come on people!!!?:( without our brains we would be dead ya'll come on!

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