Is Imagination more Powerful than Knowledge?

Asked by: MahimaS
  • Imagination is more powerful

    This topic as such is not based on the theoretical reasoning.. It depends on our own opinion. I think imagination possesses a greater power than knowledge.
    Knowledge has limits, imagination is infinite
    sometimes the knowledge that we have is assumed or imagined as in the case of studying of minute particles such as electrons and its movement.

  • Intuitive thinking often leads to achievable results.

    Hard to believe, there are somethings that knowledge can't attain that being imaginative seems to be more powerful than what you know. Sure knowledge is powerful but it's useless if its not practical and does not benefit towards society.

    When people say pigs cant fly its meant to be humor but if you give it wings through genetic engineering or mechanical sure why not, i know they may sound like a far cry of the real thing buy hey lets put our imagination as a though experiment and see what actually happens.

    You will be surprised at the end result

  • Imagination is the spark

    Of knowledge. Without imagination, we would have nothing to know. Imagination can lead to knowledge far more easily than knowledge can lead to imagination. The people we remember in history, like Benjamin Franklin or Martin Luther King Jr, were not remembered for their intelligence but for their creativity - for their imagination.

  • I am currently reading a book called Sapiens- a brief history of humankind, which settles this one for me.

    Until the cognitive revolution, we were nothing special. We were one of countless others in the homo genus (the last known human species aside from us to live died off possibly as recently as 12,000 years ago, the Homo floresiensis) and we were almost identical to other members- we were in fact almost identical to neanderthals, except we did slightly worse in everything. The cognitive revolution gave us language, and as a by-product, the ability to imagine. This by-product allowed us to come up with large scale myths- laws, rights, religions, etc. and in the process connected us in a way no other species had managed before. Social order deteriorates ordinarily past around 100. Homo Sapiens shortly before they started coming up with myths had a smaller cognitive break through, and managed up to around 150. Then when people started believing in these large scale myths, we could go in packs of 100's of thousands! Homo sapiens would never have been able to beat the original humans- we'd be long dead by now if not for imagination. With this we bounded from in the middle of the food chain to right at the top at breakneck speed. Imagination is why homo sapiens are special. All creatures have accumulated some knowledge, it was just another thing Neanderthals beat us at. Imagination is what made us champions of the world.

  • Too many dead ends, and it can do nothing in reality

    Imagination can help in the gain of knowledge, but for every powerful path of imagination leading to knowledge gain that actually impacts things, there are an infinite number of useless ones that do nothing.

    Perhaps it hinges on what you mean by powerful. I guess that my view is that for imagination to have any power, it has to result in knowledge that is used in a powerful way.

    This is the problem with extremely vague and subjective definitions (or non-existent ones).

  • No, not even close.

    "Knowledge has limits, imagination is infinite."

    Might be true, but in real life, you can't just imagine something and make it happen. You need knowledge to make it happen.

    Also, you can't imagine something without a vague idea of what it is. And that is knowledge. If you don't have a little bit of knowledge about something, there's no way to imagine it.

    Basically, knowledge is more powerful because it can potentially make your imaginations a reality. Without knowledge there's nothing you can do.

  • Knowledge is power

    Imagination is great if it leads to more knowledge, but by itself there is no comparison - a given amount of knowledge can be vastly more powerful than any amount of imagination.

    Imagination can be a stepping-stone to further knowledge or it can be a dreamy waste of time. Let us say that power is the ability to do or accomplish something. No amount of imagination can overcome that.

  • No way friend

    How can you imagine about ANYTHING without knowledge of the topic? Maybe not in depth, detailed knowledge but at least the knowledge of the existence of something. Think about it, if the writers of Star Trek (widely accepted as the creative source of many of our current technologies) never had even basic knowledge of basic communication, how would they have imagined the communicators the characters used every episode; without knowledge of traveling at distances how would they have thought of a teleportation device; without space exploration and curiosity, how would they have thought of the entire concept? Overall, you need knowledge of SOMETHING to imagine something greater. This means that knowledge is MORE powerful than imagination.

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