• He is fighting for change.

    Yes, immigrant Saket Soni is living the American Dream, because he is in this country doing his best to change the country for the best. Soni is doing a great deal of political activism and work trying to make the country friendlier for immigrants. He is living his dream, and that is the American dream

  • Saket Soni is helping others

    As director of National Guestworker Alliance, Saket Soni is living the American dream in that he is helping others live the American dream. He is giving other immigrants a leg up and fighting for their rights. Sometimes he is incredibly busy — 12-1 meetings in a day — but he continues to work for the greater good.

  • Saket Soni is awesome!

    Saket Soni is living the American Dream. Saket Soni is genius and should be a role model for the millions of lazy Americans not doing anything. He came here with nothing and maybe that is the argument, he knows what it is like to have nothing. If more American's embraced his work ethic this country would be better off for it!

  • I don't think so...

    He is a wonderful man with wonderful efforts but I don't think he is actually living out the standard version of the American Dream which isn't just success or adoration. The core components of the American Dream have long washed away into obscurity though usually it involved wealth, "something from nothing", and a touching story of hard work.

    Saket Soni does not have these elements; he wasn't blindly impoverished and became something, he actually went to a decent school in India, continued on through scholarship to Chicago, and his visa expired so he was facing some serious hardship at the time from the countries xenophobic behavior due to the terrorist attacks in recent times. That said his efforts are wonderful and he by far one of the more admirable humans if not the most active in his field.

  • Is anyone Living the American Dream

    In my opinion, I don't think Mr. Soni is living the American Dream. Yes, he may have more or do more than others but he will not be completely happy with his accomplishments until everyone have the opportunity to live that dream. We are all a long way from living what we call "American Dream". There are still a lot of voices unheard that needs to be heard. There are still a lot of struggles and racial tensions in America and that happens to poor people as well as wealthy. Until that is resolved, no one can completely say they are living the "American Dream".

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