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  • No, or it would not be if our priorities were right.

    Immigrants, legal or illegal, actually contribute to the society by doing jobs that Americans would not want for pay they would not agree to. Yes, they cost tax payers in terms of benefits like education and health care, but the legal ones pay taxes and the others aren't allowed to. If we were less greedy we would not be worried about them taking from us.

  • Immigrants give more than they take.

    I think that immigrants give far more to this country than
    they take. Whether they are illegal or
    not, they pay sales taxes every time they buy something. In fact, immigrants are such a big part of
    the American economy, that if they all were to leave tomorrow, commerce may
    come to a screeching halt. America was
    built by immigrants and we still need them.
    They are not a burden.

  • Immigration is not a burden on the U.S.

    The United States of America is a country that has been founded on immigration. To suddenly shut our borders, and hinder any other immigrants quest for a better life is not within our decisions to make. Of course, immigration should be a meticulous and well organized process, but it should not be a binary decision.

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