• It's good for economy

    Well, you might think they are stealing your jobs, but actually immigrants are brining new jobs in the countries. They are opening new restaurants, gas station etc. and they don't come to USA with empty hands, they bring money from their country, and the money they earn in US, spend in US.

  • It's great for America!

    Why not have immigrants that can work all of the jobs other Americans don't work? Unless us Americans want to work in crops on our hands and knees, then let's go for it! But immigrants work really hard jobs and ask for little money. They aren't bringing any harm to anyone and are only really here to work or get education just like everyone else is. They pay taxes, work well, and don't complain. If we can go into Europe and tour the world, why cant they come to the U.S? We're all humans, right?

  • The United States is a land of equality and opportunity

    When our forefathers promulgated the declaration of independence, They said we hold these truth to be self evident that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. The United states citizens are allowed to live in other countries like China, Europe and Australia why should we deprive other people of the same equality?

  • Tackle to challenges immigrants pose

    Stop feeling threatened by overachieving immigrants, they contribute to society unlike you. Take the high road and get the victim mentality out of your head. If they can face adversity and work hard to achieve a better future who are we to deny them that human right. Besides it always helps to try learning something and contributing to the country you LOVE so much.

  • We all pay. There has got to be another alternative option for immigrants

    Immigrants pay taxes. According to a study form the University of Chicago, legal immigrants pay income taxes but are not eligible for income benefits like Social Security. Additionally, all types of immigrants pay sales tax and real estate tax like everyone else.
    And even if you do make walls for the border, how are you giving an alternative option for jobs for the immigrants.

  • People have it wrong!

    People keep saying oh they're coming here to take jobs from us! Think about this, you don't have a job or money or a home or correct health, so you try to come to the U.S to find these things. So you get to the border and they tell you no you can't cross because you don't have money. It's not fair nor is it right to tell people they can't have a safe place to live.

  • Because it helps build the community

    Despite the unabashed success that the U.S. has had in building a great union with the help of generation after generation of immigrants, it is fair to say that the U.S. is still in the process of fully understanding the overall economic impact of immigration. Yet, it is without question that, as immigrants build a future for their children and families, they provide labor, create business, buy goods and services, pay taxes and, most importantly, they build their local communities.

  • Its lame bad and mean

    Some peple come here to get jobs and work for their kids , its a good thing so people should stop worrying if we are going to take your job away. Its fair to let them i if the dont have a bad recored with us so it good okay

  • Why Not? -Jobs

    For everyone who says that immigrants are bad because they steal our work, would you work for $5 an hour when other people are making $10? Of course you wouldn't! Immigrants actually help our economy because they do the jobs that we aren't willing to do! Because where they come from, they are making A LOT of money- even though it isn't a lot to us.

  • Why Wouldn't It Be?

    Many of these immigrants come to the US to give their family a better life. What's wrong with letting them do that? Is it really affecting the rest of the US? I say just let them live their lives. Put yourself in their shoes, i guarantee you would do the same.

  • It isn't because

    Immigrants take our jobs and money from us. We need jobs too. They think they can just come over here and take all our jobs from us. And our land. We were our butt off for a reason every day at work then when we need money we usually don't get to much because there's so many people here.

  • Immigrants should sty away

    No because of the immigrants taking our jobs and putting us out on the street and this country can't support all of these immigrants we don't need all these savages coming to our country when they don't even speak english if they cant speak proper english they should leave this country

  • Immigration is Bad

    Immigration brings in, pretty much all the time, undesirable people. Immigrants often work for a very low wage and are taken advantage of by rich business owners which doesn't help the American middle and low classes at all. The only people that really support immigration are people that do not have to live where immigrants have created ghettos and the rich because of the cheap labor. Immigrants also are often mostly from thirld world countries that have no true American values. They often don't want to adopt western ways, but want to stick to their barbaric or just simply un-American ways of doing things. In Sweden, Muslim immigrants have basicallly made it into the rape capital of Europe. America shouldn't suffer the same fate.

  • Immigration is bad for America

    I believe that immigration is bad because it allows many bad things to happen like 9/11 . Evidence shows that America is over populated and immigrants take up the resources that Americans need. Maybe they left their country for a reason but they take Americas resources. Lastly, my opinion is that there are too many people.

  • Murky Waters of Legal Immigration vs. Illegal immigration

    I support legal immigration when they go through the process required by anyone who is trying to be part of the American Dream. The problem is that we are a nation with open boarders letting illegal immigrants overwhelm our welfare system, education and health care. As an Education Advocate, I see all to well how our system fails our own children. How are we going to begin to effectively provide for so many undocumented children flooding our borders? We have a big mess on our hands that needs reason and logic to prevail. Bleeding hearts without some skin in the game, it is just words without understanding of the day to day failure of an overloaded system.

  • Immigration is Slavery

    Immigration is too often people coming over as illiterate, powerless second-class citizens who work and think like slaves, in exchange for their traumatized children to hopefully recover from the experience of growing up under immigrant parents, and go on to raise normal generations of Americans. If we are against slavery and abuse, we should be anti-immigration.

  • No, not in its current form

    Many immigrants coming here are poor and uneducated. The unemployment rate is high among unskilled laborers already. I'm all for immigration, but we should only take the best of other countries, those with advanced degrees, businesses, or money they will put in to our economy. Just because we are a nation of immigrants does not mean we should continue to be. We used to ride horses everywhere, but things can and should change.

  • Instead focus on making their countries better so we all can live in a better world.

    Why let them into our country, we can't we instead help their country become better so we all can live in a better world, a better Earth! Instead of a better country? It would make sense for everyone to not be crowded on one country for any future overpopulation prevention.

  • Immigration eventually yields diminishing returns.

    Not all of the countries in the wold place the same value on human life as America does. Many of these countries, like India, have average "living" wages far below the US minimum wage. If we continue allowing immigrants to flow unchecked from the Asian continent, it cheapens the value of American life already over here.

  • More Will be Coming Over

    If immigration is legalized then more and more people will be traveling over because they can. It will create more problems and eventually have to be illegal again. They will also take jobs that we could be doing. Immigration is bad and will ruin the U.S if it is legalized

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Anonymous says2013-08-21T05:07:58.257
Masayuki HI-B

Immigration is required for the United States.
Immigration brings the United States good influences, such as new knowledge, professional expertise, gene, and continuous development of society. Immigration brings the United States such the merit because the United States has accepted immigrant historically and society is tolerant to immigration. Since it is historically prudent in immigration in Japan, there are many prudent opinions of the crimes increasing or the community collapsing, if immigration increases.However, the United States has few such worries because the social system over migration is ready and the immigrant has already formed the community. Considering about the United States which does not cause friction into society, accepting immigration positively will bring the United States profits continuously.

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