Is immigration good (yes) or bad (no) in America?

  • Immigration Built and Continues to Build America

    I come from a family of immigrants and since people think that immigration is bad they should look who built the first transcontinental railroad, who picks the grapes in the fields, who inspired food like tacos, who also pay taxes to the U.S economy, and who brings new ideas to the table. Americans are not only white, they can be many colors from many different backgrounds, and that is what make the U.S a very unique country as there room for everybody , plus the ideal of having many opportunities with immigrants can still extend to the community such as making the new shops that may need some workers (most likely non-cultural shops) and new companies started by immigrants still helps many American workers everyday and helps pull America out of its debt.

  • Dumb to fight the good

    Immigrants actually make the country better and stronger. Just look at the makers of the us/ IMMIGRANTS FROM ENGLAND. The more people the stronger and better country. I would be crazy to support the peopl against immigration. There are people here with there ancestors being immigrants.And also you are fighting God because we all come from God.

  • Immigration is good

    If you think about it, like other people have said, our founding fathers were immigrants. So if they never came over here, we would all be in the UK right now. And plus, many immigrants have jobs that no one else wants to do. How would you like to work in the fields all day?

  • Immigration help america.

    Immigration is helping the US become a bigger and unique country. Also immigrants helped start the country and made it what we are now. The immigrants are helping boost are economy. The start businesses and create new food that we love today! Immigrants are important and I hope they keep coming and helping the U.S improve and become the most unique country on this earth.

  • A New Home

    I believe immigration is a great thing, though others may disagree. I know, population issues, illegal aliens, all that jazz. But behind all that, immigration can actually be a good thing. The reason people immigrate can be from shortages in food, land, medicine, etc, and even from dangers back in their own country. They just want somewhere safe and with a reasonable number of resources, but others try to push them away. It's pretty stupid trying to push them away and beat them down just because if they're a different race/culture/sexuality/etc. After all, we're all humans. So why push each other away?

  • Immigration is an excellent way to unite the world, and there is no reason for immigrants to not get a chance in America.

    This is 2015, not 1920. We have an excellent military, economic, social, environmental, and okay political state. There are no “Great Depression’s” or “Dust Bowls” and while America is in a lot of debt, it doesn’t seem like a No. 1 priority, anyways. The first reason goes back about a century ago, to the time of empresarios’. A few hundred texians moved into Mexico, looking for a new opportunity. Soon, once there were more texians then Mexicans, they thought the laws were against them. So, apparently, the only answer would be to kill them on their own land “so they could have their rights”. So, in a less complicated version, it’s just like this: You invite you friend over to your house. After a little bit, your friend put his feet on your table. When you tell him to stop, he kicks you out of your own house and won’t let you back in until you do a specific amount of time, money, and very difficult things when you don’t really don’t know how to do.
    Reason No. 2 has to do with poverty, and a little bit of irony. Now, imagine a sad puppy on a commercial. The puppy is really beaten up and looks like it has been through a lot. That puppy is a young boy that isn’t allowed into America without a parent to come and help him sign papers, and he doesn’t have any. That voice telling you to help them doesn’t exist for the time being. The fact that we do not have enough money is a lie, as since we have about 11 trillion in debt, we would at least have 1 trillion spent on the immigrants, and most of the money would be given back by the immigrants getting a job, and paying taxes.

  • There are people that migrate in order to survive and provide for there family.

    Many people from different countries migrate to america in order to support there family either because they had no other way of making money or because they are not making enough money were they were currently staying. The amount of money that some immigrants make in america and send to there families is worth more value there than it actually is in america. Sometimes its the only choice they have to be able to survive.

  • USA is the most diverse country in the world.

    I think legal immigrants should be accepted here. They work hard to immigrate to America, and I think its sad if we don't let them enter, since white people are also technically immigrants too. I think you should have reworded the question, as most people who voted no are actually against illegal immigration.

  • Yes for immigration!!👍

    Immigration is a wonderfull thing! But be careful because to have a good country with immigrants we have to choose the good ones. By good immigrants i mean the immigrants WILLING to work, who are EDUCATED, looking for a better future! And an increasing population will increase the goverments revenues, creating more businesses which will lead to more jobs. Lets take an exemple; New York City! NYC is a city practically filled with immigrants! Why do you think there is many shops and many people walking around??? Its a bit city with a high population which leads to a good economie! If you arent 100% native american, you ARE an immigrant.
    Another point would be the bad immigrants; they are the ones who will abuse the goverments systemes taking advantage of it. If they are living on a wellfare/social assistant the gouvement will pay them to live for the wrong reason. So they will be wasting money 💶💰 Plus these days we should be more careful about who is coming in the country. The backround checks should be stricter and more efficent...
    At the end, we should just be careful about who we enter in the country, it's simple...

  • Immigrants can be Beneficial to our economy!

    Immigrants come to America because they would like to create a better life for their selves and for their families. Think about how you would feel if your children weren't in a great environment? What if your family struggled to put food on the table? What if your children went hungry most days of the week? This is why they come to the United States. They're not trying to interrupt your politics.
    Technically, we are all immigrants, unless you are 100% Native American. If it weren't for immigration, we would all be living in New England, Ireland, etc.
    Our Economy would be way less productive without some of the Immigrants that do some of the jobs Americans here aren't doing. And whether we'd like to admit it or not, some Americans are pretty lazy. Without some of the Immigrants that do our jobs today, our hospital bills would go skyrocketing, fast food places like McDonald's would become as expensive as Outback Steakhouse, Macaroni Grill, etc. And our economy would be worse than it already is.
    You do not have to agree with me, there are plenty of cons too. :)

  • Immigrants get lost

    Immigrants are idiotic people who assume that they can come into our country and ruin our economy with their taxis and shops and their foreign way which nobody likes yet everyone seems to think they can cope with. Nobody wants them or likes them so I don't understand why they don't just leave.

  • More workers are always bad

    Immigrants should be looked down and be called stupid and useless. They are clueless people and low skilled The majority of immigrants want nothing more than to make a good living with a good income. They use up America's resources and steal your jobs. The more immigrants there are, there would be a higher supply of labor. This is terrible.

  • Immigration is a danger to the American Economy!

    Immigrants come to the US looking for a new life, coming solely with the goal of working. They don't understand our markets, our economic system. They understand one thing: work and get paid. We cannot have people whose sole purpose is to work, as they barely benefit the economy. Besides, even if they can get a job, it is taking away from someone else who might also need one. The majority of immigrants come here illegally, and don't pay taxes. That being said, by not paying taxes, any job they get pumps no money into the economy. They just work, and send money home. We have so few jobs available to taxpaying Americans that we cannot have new people showing up and taking them away from our American brethren trying to make ends meet. Yes, America is a land of opportunity, but it won't be if we cannot control immigration and allow for our taxpayers to have jobs, not the people who swam the Rio Grande.

  • We need to Assimilate

    From 1925-1965, the United States stopped all immigration. The end of WW1 brought about the red scare with the fall of Russia to communism. With the significant increase in Eastern European immigrants in the early 20th century, from socialist leaning countries, the United States correctly closed immigration and began to successfully assimilate the immigrants into the melting pot which was our culture. Today, as in 1925, we have grown very diverse very quickly. We are no longer a melting pot where immigrants are proud to be American. The culture today is more similar to several pots sitting on different burners on the same stove. We need to stop all immigration and stop sliding towards the policies of globalism. If we want a chance to be a unified country going into the future, we must protect our own business interests with fair trade (not free trade), close the border, and assimilate immigrants into our culture. But thats not going to happen because its not "political correct" or "pro-diversity". I'm on the wrong side of history.

  • Immigration is BAD

    62% Say Yes
    38% Say No

    Yes, Control the Border!

    My heart truly bleed for the individuals that are suffering abuse from drug cartels and sex traffickers. Their country refuses to protect their citizens! These individuals need to direct their anger towards their leaders for failure to protect. Why are you mad at Americans who do not want to allow you in our country! If the parents are paying several thousand dollar to a smuggler to assist in smuggle their children to the U.S Border- traveling threw the dangerous parts of Mexico- why dont the just all move to safer part of Mexico?? There are several reasons why I think AMerican needs to have stricter and more secure borders I live in a city that borders Mexico- Since moving Here, I can see now how important it for congress to act and make stricter laws regarding the border and enforce deportation!!. I can not find work here and suffer horrible discriminated because I am a white American who does not speak Spanish. My children are teased with racist comments daily at school! Economically , We have not fully recovered from the recession and yet we want to allow and pay for 40,000-50,000 plus illegal immigrant in to our system. Paying their health care, school,food, housing all the while they take our jobs?? There will not be anything left for OUR OWN children!!!--- and if we dont go along with this they we are referred to as RACIST!! The Crime rate will go up. Mexico has been over taken by Drug Cartels and Sex trafficers-- Where do you think the majority of Drugs in America come from?? Dont think its already leaking into AMerica- do a quick engine search! Obama invites immigrants here because of the votes- dont believe me ?? When obama ran for the 2nd term- most American voters did not vote for him to be reelected. He only won by electoral Votes!! Again, I am truly sorry for those children- But what really sadness me is to think- What the future hold for the American children?? Plus think about all the disease - they do not have to immunize their children. Since the flood of the new immigrants- already their has been new reports of scabbies- God only knows what to come!

  • No immigrants allowed

    They an rude and ruine my job, they dont do taxe and caust lest so poeple pick them over me normal hwite man who trye to make living in U S A and it relly hard to do with all these immigrnats taking everybodi jobs pls stop doing it io derserv bettar

  • THEY'RE RANK. Really.

    They bring their oozy smells into our country and destroy the wildlife by eating it as they have not very much food and assume everything that grows is a vegetable. Keep them out with electric barriers and bombs and turrets! We can't afford to waste all our money on them.

  • Forget you immigration.

    Immigration may be good for the business economy, but the government debt will continue to rise. As immigrants come over trying to escape poverty or war, they take advantages of government programs like food stamps, welfare, and others that just give away money. The more legal immigrants, the more money the government gives away. Soon the government is going to half to stop giving out money, and soon all the states will be poor. There is also the horrible diseases that circulate over in foreign countries. Allowing immigrants to come over can also allow Ebola, and other viruses to circulate here to. That’s more money the government has to put into research programs to find treatments and possibly a cure for Ebola. We are also having problems in the middle-east have we not. Isis is a terrorist group that has vowed to kill every non-Muslim man and woman unless they convert. So immigration could cause a religious war. And that’s the last thing we need on our front door, because we all know that wars cost money. I’m only 16 and can see issues like this. I don’t see how people can be so blinded by feelings of sympathy for those who are lesser fortunate when those feelings will let immigrants in, and bring our country down by doing so.

    Posted by: tyzz
  • Building a wall for immigration

    I think that immigrants are people who do not think as well as the non-immigrants. They are just getting away from their own lives. They will never see their lives again if they come to the US. Only God will tell us what is right. He has told me that the immigrants must stop coming to the US. We should build a wall between the borders of Mexico and the U.S. That would help the U.S with the Immigration.

  • Not all are criminals all immigrants want is a better life for their families

    Im against immigration because i see immigrants as hard working decent family oriented people. That come so there families can have a life they cant have in mexico there is a lot more opportunists in the united states such as education and work. But why are people up for immigration if all they want is a good normal life like your's.

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