• They should make it

    They should make a reform instead of deporting those people.Its more of a mature way to handle it and less cheaper , now that deporting them costs tons of money.If some people got papers but once were illegal all of them should have that opportunity.It just handles the whole "immigration" less selfish.

    Posted by: jaee
  • Have to solve problem eventually

    This country loves putting off it's problems until it is to late. They are already here and have been for some time. Might as well just make them citizens, as long as they are not criminals. Go to school, join the military, and become true productive member's of our society. We are just adding debt to the way we have it now.

  • It is too complicated.

    Yes, immigration reform is a good idea, because Americans do not understand the system. A lot of people have very strong opinions on the topic one way or the other. Opposers do not know that people in Mexico cannot just wait a few years for papers and come here legally. Supporters do not know the drain on the economy that social services provides to illegal immigrants. A simpler program would be easier to understand.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that it is very important to reform the issues and plans that we have on immigration today. I think that we have a very big problem, and that we need to completely stop all of the people coming into this country from coming, to save the country.

  • No, leave the investment to the professionals

    If people had a say in how their Social Security money is invested, then we might as well privatize Social Security. The average American doesn't have the economic competency to invest that money wisely. And if they choose poor investments that lose money, who will take up the slack and pay for their entitlements? The people who invested wisely, presumably. Better to leave these investments to the professionals.

  • A Good Idea

    I personally think that immigration reform is not a good idea. I personally think that immigration reform is not a good idea because it can make matters worse especially having a bad affect on the society. I personally think that immigration reform is not a good idea because it can affect many people's families.

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