• Yes, first thing it to admit that there is a problem!

    Immigration policies are too high in America. Before the 70's it was around 250 thousand per year. This is a sustainable number for immigrants to assailable into American culture and it help America to grow at a reasonable rate. We have more than 4 times the limit now, this number can not and will not be sustained. And yes we need steady immigrant into America but not what we have now. Illegal immigration gives us more unsustainability.

  • It Is Very Solvable

    Immigration reform is something that can be solved. The matter of will it be solved is what the real question should be. In order to do that we have to put a lot of time and resources into the solution. I am not sure if people and the government want to do that or not.

  • Yes, I think it would be very valuable.

    Yes, I think immigration reform would be a really smart solution to our current immigration issues. What we really need is to strengthen our borders and focus on making sure that good, qualified, hard working individuals are brought into our country. We do not need people who are going to try to live off of our taxes!

  • What Problem?

    Immigration and reform to it is not a problem. This entire nation is made up of colonists and immigrants and rates of legal immigration to the United States are still high. In regards to illegal immigration, the best solution is to start going after and shutting down businesses that repeatedly hire illegals, rather than going after the immigrants themselves.

  • Not Completely

    The thing to remember about complex problems is that they are often always changing. We may solve the current problems we have with immigration and the immigration system. However, new problems will always pop up and new concerns will always catch our attention. We cannot look for a one-time, permanent solution. We must always be revising and improving.

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