• Some people believe that immunization contributes to autism.

    There have been many books written on the potential
    relationship between immunization and autism.
    It is theorized by some that certain vaccines inadvertently weaken the
    immune system and unbalance the body’s fragile equilibrium. The connection between autism and vaccines
    should be explored more before vaccines are made mandatory for children. Children’s bodies are still developing and
    they are too vulnerable to be exposed to these powerful substances.

  • Prevents deadly diseases

    Without vaccines, thousands of people would be suffering from horrible diseases such as the measles or small pox, both harmful diseases which now have vaccines. Yes, vaccines do cause some major health issues, but it is very, very small chance in which a child or adult will get those certain rare health defects. Vaccines are worth saving thousands of lives, so yes, I would very much consider vaccines helpful to our society. There is no doubt in my mind that they have helped us, majorly.

  • No, Immunization helps prevent the spread of disease.

    Immunization should not be considered bad because the whole reasoning behind immunization is to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections. Immunizations for children and the elderly are especially beneficial since they potentially prevent them from coming down with an illness that could be life threatening, if their immune system is not able to fight it off.

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