• Yes, this is hurting economic mobility

    Yes, I think that income inequity is hurting economic mobility because no one can afford to even fend for themselves anymore. There are so many more homeless people now and minimum wage isn't high enough for a normal person to be able to get by. It is really sad I am a student and have no financial help.

  • Yes, income inequality is hurting economic mobility.

    Income inequality is a negative force in society. Especially in the United States, where the level of income inequality is unmatched in comparison with the rest of the developed world, poor people are unable to survive on the income they receive even if they hold multiple minimum wage jobs, simply because they cannot earn enough money for basic life necessities. At the same time, high income earners are given massive tax breaks that could have assisted the poor instead.

  • Yes It is.

    Yes income iinequality is hurting economic mobility because lot of could not afford many things and thats effect the economy flow. If people lost there purchasing power it means that the economy is not stable and it will surely drop so they must do something with the equality of the income of the people.

  • Yes, income inequality is hindering economic mobility.

    Yes, economic mobility is being stifled by income inequality. In the current economic climate, executive compensation continues to grow substantially relative to the average employee. At best, median wages have stagnated which means an inability to advance economically. This means not being able to grow in the area of lifestyle perks.

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