Is income inequality in America a serious problem?

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  • I still blame Reagan...And I was born in 1982.

    The postwar capitalism in the United States did a MUCH better job delivering widespread prosperity for all those willing to work hard. Then along comes Reagan's Trickle Down Tripe - and now we are more unequal than even in the late 1920s. Without a social contract that includes a role for organized labor and social justice activism, corporations felt they had the free hand to bust unions and bully down wage levels. It's time for another sea change in our economic and political climate away from pro-corporate conservatism and toward Progressive Populism - building an economy that works well for everyone willing to put in an honest day's effort on the job.

  • Income inequality in and of itself is not a problem,

    but our current degree of income inequality (II) has not been seen since the Gilded Age, and some estimates stating that it's worse. Most economists agree that the current degree of severe II started either around the late 70s or the beginning of the 80s. While II is inherent within a capitalistic society and allows such a system to exist, our current II is detrimental to our markets. Severe II creates volatile markets and results in unstable long term growth. If anybody has seen the current political atmosphere caused by money in politics, one can agree that not only does II create economic problems, but political ones as well.

  • Yes, it is

    As the rallies of the ninety nine (99) percent showed in 2011, income inequality is a serious problem in America. As the middle class has not gotten any richer over the past decade, the top one percent of earners in the United States have gotten many times richer, and that's not right.

  • It Is One Of The Most Serious Problems

    Income inequality is one of the most serious problems in American society today. Executives at the top are making millions and millions while their employees at the bottom are struggling to feed themselves and their families. This is clearly not what the American Dream was supposed to be about. We need to address the problem soon.

  • No, the serious problem is self-entitlement.

    I think Americans have the opportunity to meet their goals if they are willing to work. We're overflowing with mindless masses who are too lazy and too stupid to build their lives up. Hard working people can achieve their goals. Most of us aren't born into wealth so we have to work harder, maybe get a job at a fast food place while we get our educations or life experience. I don't doubt that some people are legitimately given a harder start in life and may need a helping hand. But the more serious problems we face are in education and attitude.


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