• U.S. Income Inequality Growing

    Unfortunately, United States income inequality continues to grow despite the best efforts of various groups and organizations. The income gap is only going to increase in the coming years as salaries rise for the rich and low-income earners remain relatively stagnant with their earnings. In the near future, this trend needs to be reversed.

  • The data appears to support the claim that income inequality is increasing.

    Prof. Sean Mulholland in a video from LearnLiberty.Org did state that inequality had increased. His data was gathered from the Census Bureau. However, the inequality is not a problem as the data also shows that the poor have been getting richer and data gathered from the Department of the Treasury shows that income mobility is extremely high. The video is here:

  • Yes, it seems income disparity is increasing

    Income inequality is a growing problem in the US. Those at the very top of the income food chain are earning more money than ever before. On the other end, there has not been a significant increase in minimum wage in the past decade even as the cost of living increased. The poor are making do with less and less money.

  • Middle class is getting smaller.

    the income inequality within the United States is getting worse. The gap between the upper and lower class is growing greater. The middle class is starting to disappear altogether. With the cost of items becoming more expensive a dollar does not go as far as it used to. Our own government does not know how to maintain a budget. The income inequality is only going to continue to get worse.

  • That's The Nature Of Capitalism

    Of course income inequality is getting worse in the U.S. - there are many stats which back this up. The reason is because it is the simple nature of capitalism, which functions to funnel money and resources to those who already possess both, or put simply, " the rich get richer while the poor get poorer".

    It is a system which is designed to allow the wealthy to exploit others by not compensating them for the full value of their labor and using the difference between actual and honest compensation to benefit themselves.

  • The poor have been getting richer, just not as fast as the wealthy

    All classes take a hit during any economic crisis, however the wealthy simply recover quicker due to their wealth and assets. The Top 1% of earners in America was actually hit the hardest during the Great Recession when they lost about 36.3% of their average real income, while the average real income of the bottom 99% fell by only 11.6%.

  • Income inequality creates incentive

    Income inequality creates incentive for people to work harder and do something good for society. They will get reworded for doing this hard work and solving an red for society. If there wasn't income inequality nothing would get done and nothing would be invented. Income inequality is the best part about America and the gap between rich and port should be widened

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