• The more people there is, the more people there is around to benefit.

    More and more people would be glad to live, people do not want to be told how many children they can have, and birth control is nasty and unnatural. Human populations everywhere should grow naturally and freely. Human fertility is very hard to control, and human populations seem to grow so easily. There are so many good reasons to grow.

  • India's increase in population is a boon.

    I believe that India’s population increase will be a
    boon. Not everyone in a society is
    successful, but the more people the society has, the more likely that there
    will be more successful people. Many
    people from India have become very successful in the computer science and
    engineering world, and having a larger population will help India become a world

  • No, India is overpopulated for a small country.

    India is a relatively small country, at only about one-third the size of the United States. Despite their small size, they have the second highest population (over 17 percent of the world's population lives there), second only to China (a much larger country). This causes heavy population density, which is not good for living conditions. India is a country that sadly seems to have a higher population at present than its resources can support, with a very poor, destitute class and high infant mortality.

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