Is increasing retirement pay better than discounting prices for senior citizens?

Asked by: Juris
  • Let People Choose How To Spend Their Money

    Since there is no way to force every company and store to lower prices for senior citizens and people should be able to spend their money for whatever they need. For those reasons it makes more sense to raise retirement income than to just have senior citizen discounts. If certain businesses still want to offer senior citizen discounts as advertisement, they are able to do that, but senior citizens need money to take care of themselves and buy what they need.

  • yes it is better for them

    For almost four decades, while they have had to pay full freight on their ... once-ubiquitous senior's discount has become increasingly elusive... That way you attract seniors who are more price sensitive at times ...senior's discounts as a savvy way to lure in price-conscious retirees during slow sales periods.A senior discount is a reduction in the base or pre-tax price of a product or ... SPEND MORE - the ability and desire by seniors to spend some of their retirement

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