• Absolutely. India is not just a shit hole, It is the biggest shit hole in the world by a big margin.

    The politicians are horrible and the beurocrats are horrendous bastards. Everybody from an ias officer to the lowly clerk are money thritsy vultures with no sympathy for the conditions of their fellow human beings. Every party worker is out to leech the public and screw the nri population. The whole damn country is full of hypocrites and rapists

  • Literal and cultural shithole

    They shit on the streets. They don't believe in "leave it like you found it". And worst of all, Their caste system and their horrible treatment of women is appalling – my extremely open-minded female friend, Who "loves everyone", Went on a world trip only to came back and say "It was awesome, But f**k India" since she claimed every day she had been treated like shit and only her (male) friend somehow got her through it alive (they tried to rape her every other day).

  • Its a shit country

    There is filth everywhere and most indians are scammer with no sympathy they are all trash. They also take dumps in the street since they are dirty ass turtles. Lets make a petition to get rid of the shit hole country that is called india. HEEYA fuck india, Shit hole country

  • Yup its a shithole

    It literally has people shitting in the streets, I mean come on! People are literally using the streets as a toilet, It can't be much more of a shithole than that. And everything that comes out of there seems to be low quality. For instance, Bollywood movies; they always seem to be particularly low quality and very cheesy with a much lower budget than films made in countries such as america.

  • Never been to, Not on my list. Cambodia is at least on my list.

    Love that the two (2) No supporters literally list reasons it is in their retorts.
    The first admitting widespread poverty (what comes below poverty? Whatever it is. . . India) and Government corruption, As in "sure there's government corruption. . . "
    The second calls out the iconic India landmark, A 42 acre shiny white marble mausoleum, For two people, Surrounded by an entire country of poverty and misery. . . Except for the collection agencies and phone centers who want to sell you light bulbs to support veterans. . .
    I vote yes.

  • Full of scammers

    The country is so corrupt that officials knowingly allow their arsehole scammers to do as they please. They happily scam the elderly of their savings and don't care. The country is so poor and underemployed that thieves run rampant. This gives India a really bad image, I. E Shithole full of shit.

  • The Magical 8 Ball says it is so

    The reason why India is a shit hole is due to their lack of toleration towards their own excrement, garbage and lack of toiletries. This is not something to be blamed entirely on the British, but on their characteristics to act as slobs wherever they go. They need the mentality of "leave it like you want it to be".

  • They ain't got toilets

    They'se be shittin' on the floor an' in the indian ocean and they'se just can't be bothered to clean up the country and that makes it so much the shithole it is today and you see they are raping eACH Other and they then they complain about it like they'se ain't the ones statin it

  • It is for sure

    Maybe some ethnic division of small states into independent entities might help but this independent united india left by british has become a vassal where everything has a price and when dumb folks don't have anything else to whine about the religion jumps in lol.I am a north indian and i support it whole heartedly

  • Its the Poopy truth

    The whole country is run by thugs in the form of corruption and bribery ridden bureaucrats and politicians. There is NO enforcement of rules and regulations. People can poop, piss and litter anywhere without any fear. The police are only interested if they can make a quick buck out of the situation.

  • That's so messed up

    I'm from India. My entire family is. I go back a couple times a year and I love it there. You simply can't refer to a country like that. When you look at it actually, every country is messed up in their own way. The government has flaws in every country. Just because you don't like India's government doesn't mean it is a bad country. I don't like the US government but that doesn't mean that it's a bad country. Sure there's poverty. But that doesn't justify your claim of India being a "shithole country". India is a country with different cultures, languages and landmarks. Poverty and so called "bad" government does not mean the country is bad. Don't refer to a country like that. You have no idea how many people will be insulted by it.

  • Don't be racist

    What about I say that about your country! It's not fair to make fun of a country! In fact all these white people stole from us! Have you never seen the taj mahal? India is home to beautiful sights. What about I tell you that in chicago the streets are as dirty as hell! Look on the bright side of a country, every country has it's flaws.

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