• Yes, we should adopt western culture

    If India becomes westernised, such as Japan, then it will be the greatest power in the world, but instead we are stuck uncivilised just as China and the Middle East. In Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Israel are successful due to their adoption of modern ideals. India is almost as uncivilised as the middle east, who will never become modernised.

  • It is and has always been

    Just a small list:

    1. Sex selective abortion.
    2. Treatment of women.
    3. Female infanticide.
    4. Caste and skin color based discrimination.
    5. Largest number of malnourished children on earth.
    6. Routine glorification of feudalism, racism and paternalism in popular media and film.
    7. Consistent effort on part of the policymakers and those with money to sweep societal and economic problem under the rug in an effort to present a shiny new image to investors.
    8. Absolutely the worst civil infrastructure possible,
    9. In spite of having teeming masses of underfed, unfed, under-educated and uneducated in its citizenry, India continues to be the second largest arms importer in the world (only after Saudi Arabia).

    So, yes, in short, India is an uncivilized country with zero or little hope for redemption.

  • Just look at how women are treated

    Just look at how they treat their women. It's a disgrace to have a civilized society treat women as a second class citizen. Raping and throwing acid at women is not a model for civilization but barbarism. The global optics for this country are getting worse and worse by the year.

  • INDIA-An Uncivilised Country

    YES, in marriages the DJ's play loud music knowing that it disturbs the people of that area. When we throw garbage we do not throw it in a garbage bin but instead on the street. We never think about others but only think of ourselves. So we can say that India is an uncivilised country.

  • I think the Punjab society is a great example of how uncivilized India is.

    Punjab authorities lack manners. Take a look at the Punjab police. They are corrupt and no one stops them. Our government, such as the congress or Akali Dal, have helped worsen things by allowing violence against the minorities. There is no respect for poor people, and that is the biggest proof that it is an uncivilized nation.

  • Yes, due to the caste system and the ingrained servitude attitudes.

    Yes, unfortunately, India is still an uncivilized society due to the inherent inequality caused by the caste system and the ingrained servitude attitudes prevalent in the country. The rich in India have it all; millions suffer at their expense. The hallmark of a civilization should be judged on how its most unfortunate citizens are treated. In India's example, they are not treated well.

  • Statistic speaks !!!

    Most most most are uncivilized , even China nowadays are far more better than India . They raped , steal , cheat , only want to have sex , lack of self awareness , hostility , probably their government even give up on them . They are stupid and idiot .

  • Big majority of Indians are definitely uncivilized.

    Indians are just good at making very tall claims about their rich civilizational history, glorious "way of life" that is claimed to be not-just-a-religion etc.

    Unfortunately, anybody who is a little observant of the way most Indians behave publicly and privately can immediately see that:
    they are most self centred and selfish
    are absolutely clueless about anything vaguely resembling a common good
    the bizarre direction-less traffic on the shithole cities of India is pointer to the uncivilized culture of the road users
    people urinate, defecate all over the place
    have bizarre religious practices like dumping countless number of toxic statues into fast-dying water bodies - that are critical sources of water to these very same barbaric morons.
    I could go on and on...

  • Yes it is

    They are lacking the rationality in the matter of understanding conflict particularly Kashmir. Whenever I read an article or any post regarding Kashmir. The Indians use abusive language against the people of Kashmir, which is a mark of uncivilized people and Britishers were also true in calling India uncivilized country.

  • Indian don't act like human being

    The most funny thing about Indian is they praise themselve that they are good and other asian are bad thats what they talks.But in reality they are third world uncivilesd country.Asian like Japan countries is pretty developed even before India got Independences from British.
    South Korea,Singapore ,China is 50times civiliesd than India even Thailand is more civilesd than India.Funny Countries .No one talks goods about India so they started praising themselves hahhahahaha 80%population live below poverty line.

  • No, we are less civilised than the west or japan

    But we still are more civilised than the rest of the continent, the middle east is so degenerate that it is a war zone, and china and south east asia are dictatorships with no freedom. Japan, South Korea, and Israel are more civilised than us though. We indians are more civilised than actual uncivilized countries such as Iraq, just a little uncivilised

  • No, but it has it's problems

    India has a clear governmental and educational system in place which was built from the remains of the British empire's stay, along with their own culture. It may sometimes be a culture or system we disagree with, but this does not cause it to be defined as uncivilized. Many cultures and countries that we consider civilized have many of the problems that India now faces including: mass poverty, corruption, overpopulation, and crime. They still can be considered civilized even though they have problems.

  • India is not uncivilized; it is progressive and diverse.

    Although there are still many in India who have strong ties to their ancient cultures, India is a country of great diversity. Culturally and politically India is open to change and has been for some time. They have globalized their economy and moved forward agriculturally enough to feed themselves. They have mired themselves in the IT industry. It isn't all positive.... there is still poverty and oppression, but in what civilized country are those things not present?

  • No, just an outdated one

    The culture that is still widely regarded as acceptable in the country permits things that were once acceptable but have far outstayed their welcome. If a woman is raped, while not at fault she's suddenly damaged goods with an unspeakable name, the thoroughly discussed caste system, so on and so on. It's uncivilized by the standards we expect from a major country in 2013, but really its problem is how tightly it clings to tradition.

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