• India the best

    India is far better than the USA because India has more people and Indians are smarter. India has more graduates than America and are better at math and science. India has more history in its little finger than all of America and has more tolerance and diversity and superior language and writing.

  • Indian people are better

    I know many white and indian people and indian people are better by far.
    They have much better hair, they are much cooler and smarter. I myself know Will_I_Am and there are many more indian people smarter than him. He himself didn't make it into a magnet program and cried. I know many Indian people that have easily made it. The Indian people also smell better than this will guy. White people also have way more dandruff than indians (Known fact). #wikipedia jk. But serioulsy indians are way smarter and cooler and stronger.

  • Mugging and thefts in USA

    US says India is unsafe for travel. Ask any american to walk at night on dark streets of any city or in the South. Bet he/she will be scared for life. In India there are less chances you will get shot without purpose. In India at the most you get robbed. But in US you are sure to get badly beaten when you are robbed.

  • Peaceful, Powerful, and Extremely Significant.

    Their army may not be as powerful as U.S, but you know what? They're still better than U.S because they have successfully defended themselves every time, and also, they NEVER attack first, and don't try to declare a war on a country that's already being torn apart by civil war *cough cough Syria* which makes them one of the best armies in the world. Also, they tolerate all religions, not just Christianity, they're the fastest growing nations on Earth, and also, they have a good economy. Also, they did not go to war to gain independence, they protested, peacefully. Also, they're not racist, like America. Also, this ones my favorite: India has a lot of different cultures, and a lot of different languages, but they all unite to be one GREAT nation, and I think that's beautiful. And don't forget, they invented sewers, the healing of broken bones, the modern characters for 0-9, Bollywood, and many other important things. And third to lastly, Emperor Ashoka, an ancient Indian leader, was the first ruler in history to have banned Slavery, Deforestation, and Animal Cruelty. And second to lastly, they made Indian food. And now lastly, they're the reason Bangladesh, and Pakistan exist today.

  • India is country who teach whole universe that how to live

    I think it's India because India is country who teach art of living, India invent first wire less communication system, 90% of worlds computers run on a chip made by Indian, India Have wonders of world like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India have heaven on earth i mean Kashmir,Mahatma Gandhi best leader, Aaryabhat who invent value of "0", India have Vishvanath anand champion of cheese there is lots of thing were India is better than uSA

  • India rockz anyday

    After over 300 years of looting by the British and Mughals Indians have been able to become a an economic super power within barely 70 years of independence, Gandhi taught the British what it means to be civilized, his principles of non violence were far ahead of western ideals of a civilized society, when Microsoft's largest R&D center after the one in Washington is in Bangalore India, and more companies are following suit, go ahead and study arts while India churns out engineers.

    In India poor kids study engineering and medicine despite being surrounded with poverty with barely a decent meal to eat, while kids in the western world struggle to study STEM and finally these poor kids give developed countries a run for their jobs that's why there has been a limit on H1B visas, its easy for Indians to take up highly skilled jobs in STEM while their western counterparts struggle with math, and attract foreign multinationals to invest in India, unbelievable!

    Most of the Mexicans in the US are unskilled labor, but look at the Indians they are making waves in silicon valley, even 2nd and 3rd generation Indians have at least a masters degree, go to your nearest hospital american hospital and I'm sure you can spot quite a few Indian doctors.

    The Future Is in the hands of the most intelligent and competitive, have Indians not proven themselves enough to the western mind to ensure the west understands that they are not they cannot compete with Indians on the same level???

    Family culture and values USA vs India is there really any comparison??

  • They are way smarter

    India has grown way faster than any other country. It has grown technologically and spiritually. It also has more religions than any other country and supports many beliefs. America is mostly Christian while in India there are many more religions than just Hinduism. Also they have helped the World so much.

  • Only country with soo many religions

    They are way smarter

    India has grown way faster than any other country. It has grown technologically and spiritually. It also has more religions than any other country and supports many beliefs. America is mostly Christian while in India there are many more religions than just Hinduism. Also they have helped the World so much.

  • India is better

    I admit that India has crappy infrastructure, corrupt government, and poverty. But the U.S. is just as bad. U.S. put college students into poverty by making them pay absurdly high tuition. U.S. has homeless people with no relief program. The U.S. sends her armies to countries for a "WMD" that doesnt exist. They are the number 1 arms dealers in the world. They don't give maternal leave for expecting mothers in the workplace. U.S. infrastructure is collapsing as we speak. The water infrastructure is from WW2 and quickly deteriorating. The goverment is trillions of dollars in debt. U.S. has terrible healthcare as well

    India has better economy, healthcare, culture, and more. I dont see how this is debatable...

  • India is better...

    I think India is better in so many cases.India is a nation which does not want to rule other nations,But U.S.A wants to become the superpower in the world and claims that they are the greatest nation in the world history.India never tried to destroy any other nation.Even during the war they treat the innocent people of another country with humanity.Their soldiers are trained in that way.But U.S.A dropped two atomic bombs in Japan.That was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the world.USA also tries to involve in the disputes between other nations.They tries to become the supreme power in the United Nations.India even though has more poor people,the country is improving slowly.Dealing with 1.25 billion people is not an easy thing.Most of their wealth were looted by British.Before the arrival of British India were the richest country in the world in wealth,knowledge and culture.

  • India is worse than the US

    I know some rather misguided people, one of whom being user Feras_IsSwag, and I think that he is wrong in his opinion. First, white people have better combs than Indian people. Second, India is filled with poverty as well as the fact that those who come from there (Feras) seem to think that smell is a basis for the rank of people as a whole. Also, I know that the US is better because it offers more opportunities for all people. India offers no opportunity for anyone, as unfortunate as that is. Will_I_Am is wrong too in his usage of prejudice as an arguing technique, but the US is in fact better than India.

  • Indian education sucks!!

    Indian schools are not as clean as American schools. By the way, in American school teachers don't even shout at students, but in India, almost 80% of all the teachers beat up the students and they humiliate and ruthlessly punish the students and treat them as slaves! The Indian schools make us to carry a ton of books which are too heavy, But American schools have light-weight books & lesser books. The Indian schools take donations as a must and fees for education, which are almost up to 400,000 Rupees!!!!

  • Maybe at useless things like soccer, cricket and odor development.

    India has millions of people who dig through trash and bathe in human filth because they are too busy funding an unnecessary arsenal of nuclear and conventional weapons so they can potentially murder millions of their neighbors and citizens. They have an institutionalized rape reward system and absolutely no sign of progress. America has awesome nuclear power yet couples that with the responsibility to be fair and prosperous.

  • Do I need reasons for this?

    Reasons known already. India wont ever progress if potential of Indians is not recognised. Its US who recognizes Indians! Thats the reason US is smarter than India, it recognizes the potential throughout the world, and makes its own country grow. In India people fight for everything except for development.

  • India is unsafe for women

    Indians are really cruel. Indians don't let girls study and work.Indians rape with girls. They touch them and when they were short clothes the boys touch and irritate them. After marriage girls have no life. They have to follow rules of other houses. They can't work , they have to wear sarees and have to do all household work. Indians support child marriage. Some husbands beat there wives. According to me India is the worst In all situations and USA is far better than India.

  • Violation of rules

    There is a lot of corruption in the Indian Government, violation of rules by the public. Example Traffic rules. Though it has good human resource it is not utilizing it properly. Countries like US use their human resource properly. New inventions take place in US. India use old inventions of US as their brand new usage.

  • No, India is not better than the United States

    Comparing India and the United States is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are countries with their own philosophies, laws and types of government. Some of the things that I thought was worse in India is now on the way of becoming true in the United States. In India, with the caste system, the poor were always poor. They had no chance of making their lives better. In the United States, the caste system is also in place, if only in a no talk way. The poor are condemned, by the Right Wing Conservatives, to always be poor. With the pull yourselves up by the bootstraps attitude, the rich get richer, the middle class fights for their place in America and the poor, sick and elderly are doomed to die poor. So I think that neither India or the United States are better. They are just the two sides of a coin.

  • India worst place.

    India is the worst place to live. It so dirty,cheap,corrupted, hopeless,etc. They are so cheap they cheat a lot. The only thing they think of is making money using unfair practices.If you ever think of visiting india change your mind.IT SUCKS HARD!!!!!! If people say india is better they suck.

  • Don't like either

    I hate Indians they scare me and they smell like trash and act like their such a big thing but live on the streets . But I don't like the USA any better. They have issues interfering with other countries and they don't deal with their own problems. Hate both

  • Neither country is better than the other.

    By answering no, I am no saying that USA is better than India. I'm saying that India and USA are both fascinating countries.

    I love every country. I am not about to say one country is better than the other. Maybe a certain country has better health care, but that doesn't make it better.

    Geeez people. Think about what you're saying.

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