• Yes, The Emergency Is Clear

    It is clear to almost everyone that India is facing a cultural crisis. As a developing country, they are caught in the middle of old-fashioned ways of life and new progressive ideas. They also have a huge population and a growing poverty problem. Within this context they are facing an emergency, because they do not know how to involve women in modern society. They will have to learn, and learn quick, that sexual violence is not acceptable.

  • YES

    India, like many other quickly developing nations, is facing a clear cultural emergency. How they react in connecting their traditional background to the modern progressive world will be a key factor in how India is viewed in the future. I believe India will handle this issue well though. A little over half a century ago they had to deal with another reinvention, when they became independent of the British empire. They came out of it the world's largest democracy, and a nuclear armed state. Such determination is a great trait of the Indian population, and that determination will allow them to take the best of their traditional cultural background with them into the future.

  • India Needs To Address Its Cultural Problems

    India has a huge problem with backwards thinking and sexist policies. It is facing a cultural emergency right now due to its lack of respect for women and its previous tolerance for rape. The country needs to start educating children about respecting women and the dangers and harms rape can cause.

  • Growing Pains

    As with any developing nation that is searching to find itself, India is suffering from what could best be described as cultural growing pains. There will always be disagreement between generations about the progress of a country, but I fail to see any reason why India in particular is suffering from a cultural emergency.

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