• There are frequent revolts and unrest

    The phenomenal GDP growth does not change the foundation of dalit discrimination, separatist movement and disparage between rich and poor as industry controlled by 20 or so powerful families. GDP growth would only intensify the conflict. The only thing kept the lid on open revolt is Indian army which can be stretched on 2.5 fronts.

  • Signs are a coming revolution

    A revolution in India will be instigated by a growing dissatisfaction with the rule of state governments, particularly in states with a large population of people living under poverty and unemployment. For example, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh to name a few. The arrest of Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha could result in agitations in other state governments demanding the arrest of their ministers who are accused of corruption. Congress Party will try to capitalise of this issue by leading the revolt. If the revolt spreads across India, it could lead to a situation where Indian PM Modi could declare a state of emergency to protect BJP chief ministers in various states. This will lead to arrests of people involved in the revolution, including some top Congress party members. History will be repeated again like in the 1970s when Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency.

  • We are living a selfish life - were is the possibility of a Revolution

    A majority of the educated few (That includes the shameless person writing this) of our country are in a position to pay their monthly bills, feed and secure their families. So we are not willing to question the administration which is eating into the country like a parasite. The greed of the politicians, the atrocities of the administrators, the rampant presence of corruptions and scandals have been like reading an entertaining novel for us, just enjoying it like a fiction work of some well-known author.

    The affected population is not strong enough either in strength or in coordination (at least for now) to raise up against this cancer that is killing our country. When a time comes, when 8 / 10 citizens are not in a position to get his basic needs fulfilled, then we might be stepping into a revolution (hopefully not a chaos) and that time is not now. Definitely, India is not ripe for Revolution.

  • India is not ripe for revolution.

    India is not going to have a revolution any time soon. Although there have been several revolutions following the Arab Spring, there have been no such movements in India. The country remains very conservative in its ways, and the establishment does not want to change the status quo. India is stable, and it is not going to reform in the future.

  • For revolution, there must be sense of crisis

    Right now Indians are not affected by a single crisis, we can have local revolution but at large Indians are unaffected by a common problem. Secondly, revolution means total over haul of a system, but majority Indians don't see system as problem but implementation of it. They will be willing to change implementation or fine tune our system rather than complete over haul of it.

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