• Tourism is good

    Tourism for India is a good thing, for economic and also for cultural reasons. It would seem like something that everyone would promote, but oddly it's not. It's time people realize this and stop trying to form barriers to tourism. Tourism is good, and we need to promote it now.

  • Yes, Indian tourism is a good thing.

    India is one of those countries that has a rich history and a diverse and beautiful culture. Of course, its tourist industry should be growing. People of all income levels go there, from those who want to study in its ashrams to those who favor the luxury resorts. It helps the poor in India to make a living.

  • Yes, it helps their economy.

    Yes, Indian tourism is good, because it helps the Indian economy. India is a beautiful country, and tourists can better understand Indian culture and religion. Tourists can see the many beautiful cultural and religious attractions in India, and can contribute tourists dollars to India's growing economy. India is growing and welcomes the business and is happy to engage the world.

  • No it has failed to attract the foreign tourists

    Judging by publishing statistics, our efforts to attract foreign tourists have been consistently unsuccessful. Both Malaysia and China entered the international tourism market decades after we did. In 2009 , Malaysia was ranked 9th with 23.6 million foreign arrivals. In the same year, China was ranked 4th with 50.9 million visitors. India did not even appear in the first 10 because we only managed to attract just 5.1 million tourists.

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