Is India's Centralized Monitoring System a human rights violation?

  • India's CMS is a violation to human rights.

    I believe that any form of surveillance on human privacy with or without consent is a violation to human rights, especially to the humans right of privacy. It actually states under the Universal Declaration of Human rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which is India's state party, that they have the right to privacy and production of the law under these attacks on privacy.

  • Indias Centralized Monitoring System Could Be the First Step to a Totalitarian Government

    Whenever humans are given too much power to govern, dangerous situations arise. Although India is a modern democracy with a very lenient and ever increasing basis of modernization, a Centralized Monitoring System could cause more problems than cures. For instance, centralizing everyone's name and address alone could create some chaos if not done perfectly. Information gathering on any one population could be weighted on the side of gathering negative rather than well balanced information. It has been proven that trying to set up monitoring systems even in small countries has turned into a way of seizing power from certain groups of people. It is understood that having information on harmful groups who intend no good to the general population could be of some benefit but in the wrong hands, it can cause misery and violence.

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