• Justice Requires Equal Treatment

    In order for any system to be just, it must treat all accused the same and provide the same due process for every person accused of a crime. India's justice system does not always meet these requirements. Sometimes in India a person's connections or social status can help them in ways poor defendants can't afford.

  • Justice delayed is justice denied and Justice hurried is Justice buried

    Just on the count of days, one cannot ascertain that whether justice is happening or not. Time is mere one factor in the whole process. The process is a mixutre of several mechanisms and procedure. Non-followence of procedure in itself is failing of justice system. Hence, we need to judge this topic on the basis of the judgements coming. The judgement of Lalu Prasad or the Judgement of Kasab or the Judgement of Sanjay Dutt or others. They are several cases which depicts the fact that the justice is still alive in the country.

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