Is India's Social Welfare Measures an answer to its poverty?

Asked by: Joel.98
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  • I believe not

    India's Socialist government is extremely corrupt and the common Indian citizens view their government as a mere gimmick. The crime rate in this nation is increasing day by day and the government is blind to all of this. Citizens envisage India as a SUPERPOWER. The government is promising magnificent projects but out of every 99 projects ONE is completed as said by the railway minister himself whilst introducing the nation's budget. The nation's economy is in a precarious situation and it is in turmoil. If a person donates Rs.50 for charitable purposes only Rs.5 is actually going for charity. The rest of the money is taken by the middlemen. The government is corruption tainted, instead of mending their ways, some of the ministers take undue advantage of their post of superior authority and behaves in a way that shows utter contempt towards people. Forget comparing it with U.S.A our neighboring country... China has planned meticulously and it has rigorous system of law and order, now they have gone further than rubbing shoulders with the elites. I am a very patriotic person and am deeply concerned about what the nation is heading for. Corruption is an ubiquitous factor all around the world. Some of them are caught, the rest of them are merely ignored. The poor have resorted to criminal ways, they are struggling for a square meal. The Social Welfare Measures is merely acknowledging the poor and needy.

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