• Ya obviously it's true

    1. We're not free we don't have freedom in all the ways there are some moments in life when we're bound to do what other's say. 2. Girls don't have freedom they are not even allowed to think what they want. 3. After independence also we hadn't got the whole freedom which we deserve.
    Thanks #Muskan

  • Yes freedom is a myth

    Because even now a days in this modern era, The girl child has many restrictions in some of the families. They are not even allowed to go to neighbor friends house. She can't even spend with her all relatives as she want to be. She can't study as she like, And stop studies in middle and should get married as her father ordered.

  • No freedom to choose

    Today's liberal ethos has made prisoners of everyone. The State rules with its relentless power over all of our choices and beliefs. No longer can one choose whether something is good or bad for you - No longer can you choose how best to bring up your children.
    The responsibility of freedom of choice has been removed and therefore the freedom of choice.
    Freedom is a myth exploited by politicians to win votes from the gullible.

  • Freedom is a myth

    Freedom is always a myth. If you have no constraints on your behavior then society will break out into anarchy infringing on others freedom. Freedom can only happen if you voluntarily constrain yourself. The two main examples in history of this are morals from religion and government imposition. Everyone that wants personal freedom with no constraints is a fool and is bringing on chaos.

  • Freedom Of A Myth

    I personally think that individuals freedom a myth in today's society because it gave individuals a right to say what they want to say as well as communicate with the people they want to communicate with. I personally think that individuals freedom a myth in today's society has affected people in a great way.

  • Yes it is a myth.

    Individual freedom is a myth today and it almost always has been a myth. The united states has placed the most emphasis on individual freedom and, I think, has achieved the most of it, but even here the system is very flawed. I'm not sure there will ever be such a thing as individual freedom.

  • Everything is regulated.

    Yes, individual freedom is a myth in today's society, because everything we do is regulated, all the way down to the bed that I am sitting on as I type this. People have very little choice, because those who are in power make rules about everything. They have made rules about the internet I am using right now. Freedom is forgotten.

  • Freedom is not a myth

    If one takes into consideration the various countries which were conquered by various evil forces and deprived them of their beauty and resources, They have acquired absolute freedom from being oppressed. The best example is the oppressive period of Hitler or other such terrible dictators who treated the citizens as slaves and deprived them of their rights.

  • Yes freedom is a myth

    Right know u cannot take a walk at night because u are afraid where is freedom in that u cannot sleep at night with ur doors and windows closes because they will rob u and then u say that there's freedom of individual in S.A its just a myth there is no such a thing as freedom

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that the freedom we have as a single person today is not just a myth. I think that we are getting all of the freedoms that we should be getting, and that we have a Bill of Rights that makes sure we get them all.

  • Freedom is alive and well in America

    Today I decided that I wanted to drink some mountain dew for lunch. I had the individual freedom to make the decision to drink something that will most likely lead to weight gain and a loss in energy later in the day as I come down off a sugar high. No one from the government was forcing me to make a different decision about what I was eating. Also no one other than myself impacted the car that I choose to drive, the house I choose to buy, or the clothes that I choose to wear. The idea that individual freedom not longer exists in today's society is a political scare tactic that is designed to encourage voters to vote in a specific manner. I am not being oppressed for any of my beliefs.

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