• No, collectivism is better than individualism

    If "good" can measured in terms of great achievement than collectivism is better than individualism. Some of the greatest accomplishment know to man (the Great Wall, reaching the moon) have only been possible through the combined efforts of large groups of people. The same can rarely be said of individual accomplishments and when so, those accomplishments are less significant can those achieved collectively.

  • Yes and no.

    Both individualism and collectivism go so well together that it is hard to say which is better. Individualism has its place just like collectivism does. They both need to be used, just for different type of situations. It comes down to the moment and what is going and who it applies to.

  • Individualism recognizes the quality of the person

    People need to be different in order to be heard and change the world. Collectivism is okay to a certain degree but being an individual carries its own merits. Everyone can learn from being unique and the qualities of one person can affect a mass group of people no matter what the situation is.

  • Individualism is important.

    There are some good things about collectivism, but it is important to always have an aspect of individualism. Thinking for yourself and being an individual helps prevent being controlled or influenced by people that may not have your best interests in mind - such as with cults, gangs, and sometimes governments.

  • Humans are individuals, not a collective

    Humans are social animals, but we are all very differences. We all have things about us that make us different from all other humans. Individualism champions the success and value of the individual human. Collectivism takes value away from a human by telling they should sacrifice for the "greater good" no matter what their opinion is. Compassion towards another human has no value if it is not willing. Collectivism is not a logical political/economic goal since it causes tyranny of the group over the value of an individual.

  • There Should Be Balance

    Individualism in this context is defined as a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control while collectivism is defined as the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it. I believe it is far better to balance these two ideals out rather than favoring one or the other.

  • Your question is too vague

    That question can be put into multiple scenarious and applied with multiple purposes..Overall no system is better than another it all depends on the situation. Collectivism works best when team effort or identity is needed the internet is also a positive example of collectivism. But if you are looking for diversity then individualism is better..Individualism can also exist in collectivism..The lack of individualism in a population strip diversity and ingenuity while individualism in thought while concentrated on the collectivism of a team is good

  • Needs more definition

    What is individualism and what makes it individualism? What is collectivism and what makes it collectivism? Even people's answers to these questions often leave one with an abstract vague response that must be clarified with further questions. For instance some people would say individualism priorities self-interest and collectivism society's interests but then what is self-interest and what is society's interests?

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