Is individualism more important than the common good?

  • Yes! Individual rights!!!!!!

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  • This debate is a philosophy vs an amount. If I were to chose between Utilitarianism or Individualism, I choose individualism.

    Helping out other people is a good thing, but having to conform and do everything for societal good is very bad. Ayn Rand was somewhat right in saying that selfishness is a good thing. For example: Ambition is considered a virtue, and it is very closely liked to selfishness if not raw selfishness. Selfishness is bad if the individual doesn't weigh the consequence of his/her selfishness. Individualism strives towards eudimonia (happiness gained through honor and contemplation), while utilitarianism strives towards pleasure. Individualism shows people the hard fact that success comes with the price of pain and struggle while utilitarianism makes a Brave New World. Utilitarianism is nihilist (loss of human purpose) because it uses pleasure and safety as an excuse of why people should not be achieving their own personal goals for eudimonia, and Individualism is a good way of combatting Nihilism. After all, if our parents say achieve your dreams, then why shouldn't we?

  • Yes, in some situations

    This isn't really a black or white, either or question. There are some instances in which individualism is much more important the common good. There are other situations where the opposite is true. I chose yes because saying "no" would mean individuality is not important at all, that is completely wrong.

  • YES

    I think that respecting the individual and a person's autonomy is more important than forcing everything to be for the common good. If we fail to put the rights of the individual on a pedestal, then we risk stifling the individuality that has resulted in some of history's most important discoveries and inventions.

    While there does need to be some thought to the common good, the truth is that when you put the common good before individuality, you tend to make people slaves to conformity, which makes them intellectually lazy. Being that one of our most important assets is our mind, intellectual laziness seems like a bad characteristic to have to me.

  • The Common good is what binds us together as a people.

    The founding fathers understood the common good as those things that we share, paying a certain amount of tax for instance to help pay for those things we all share, infrastructure roads sidewalks libraries public services, these are the things we do for each other and the things that make us a civil society.

  • No, when the founders created gov........

    The Founders wanted the government to serve the common good. In a voting election do u want your representative voting for who they want, or the majority vote? The government should pick what is best for everyone not just a select few. You might like it if you were the select few, but if not you would be very unhappy.


  • Yes yes yes

    We have been doing common good for years as voting and that has been a big part of america individual rights are merely permissions that can be withdrawn any time “the community” decides that it is necessary that is my reason why so al guys yes ys yes yes yes

  • Common Good is better

    The real reason I believe this, is because as a country we need to withhold our society as a whole and work together to make a better world. Yes everyone is important but individual rights are not as important that common good. Common good benefits everyone while individuals benefit. The Individuals need to not be selfish!

  • Individualism is good, but welfare is better.

    I am completely for supporting individualism, however I believe that welfare is attempting to achieve equality of opportunity which is essentially the most important thing. Free health care and free education will give most people a better start. There should be a combination of supporting the individual while supporting the needs of all people, by ensuring some sort of safety net.

    As humans we naturally have a nurturing instinct, and take pride in supporting others, family and friends. By encouraging pure individualism we could be encouraging greed and reject our maternal instincts. Individuals can simply not fully sustain themselves, and there will always be a time where an individual will need to rely on the help of the common good.

  • Individualism is not More Important than the Common Good

    No, individualism is not more important that the common good. Though individualism is very important, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. As such, an individual's right to individualism is important, it is more important that the common good be observed and focused upon.

  • A Liberal Actually Said No

    No, in the most important instances, individualism is not more important than the common good. Human beings gathered together into groups for a reason - because none of us can actually survive without assistance - either direct or indirect - from other people.

    In this world of convenience, created by the human community, there are humans who take what they have for granted so much that they're convinced that they could actually prosper on their own, without help from others. But their very existence is due to the work, pain, and life of someone else.

    Until the day comes when an individual actually builds his or her own road and manner of transport, to and from the job that they solely created and administered, in a building that they built from scratch, on land that they personally won with their own effort... that individual is a part of a community.

    Refusing to acknowledge that is precisely the same as leeching off of what the human community provides without a single intention of ever paying back. And that mindset is the reason why there are so many poor people today, why wages are so low, why companies treat their employees like nothing, why politicians actually get away with using wedge issues to encourage human beings to view other human beings as undeserving even of life.

    I support individualism. I'm a liberal, I can't help it. But when it comes to some things - when it comes to whether or not a human being walking around on this earth has the right to have food, shelter, education, and healthcare... well, that's when it's time to stop playing selfish individual.

    Or better yet, play SMART selfish individual: because if enough of your fellow men and women sink, you will undoubtedly sink and drown with them. Because whether you want to face it or not, you live in a society, and you can't separate yourself out from your fellow human beings. You WILL be affected by what happens to your neighbor, so turn a blind eye at your own peril.

  • No, Put Down the Ayn Rand and Lend a Hand

    That's not to say one should completely give up their autonomy completely and became a sheep to the system. That is to say, one should cast their gaze beyond their navel and their interest. Regard the world at large and see what part of yourself you can give for the better of society.

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