Is industrial cyber-espionage the biggest threat to relations between America and China?

  • Yes, I think industrial cyber-espionage is one of the largest threats to US-China relations.

    Stealing industry secrets from one another can lead to some nasty accusations and cold relations between the two nations, I think overall cyber-espionage will only get worse and it will expand to other areas besides industry, I think overall the United States and Chinese relationship will go through periods of fondness and coldness in the next decade.

  • There are other bigger threats in the future.

    I think cyber-espionage is certainly one threat to relations, but I think that in the future, there will be much bigger threats to relations between the countries over such things as oil, water and food. As the population grows, and these resources start to diminish, it is possible wars will be fought over the remaining supplies.

  • China and America are at odds in many ways

    China and America have a very contentious relationship, and it would be a mistake to choose one element - cyber espionage among private companies - and call it the biggest threat to comity among nations. While it is a major issue that both governments should be on guard against, there are far larger and deeper problems, from human rights abuses to military activity, that are just as important, if not more important.

  • yes it is

    Yes, I think that this is a big problems that is going to come up real soon, and that we are going to end up putting a whole lot of programs in place that will make sure that it does not happen any time after it booms for the firest.

  • No, Both Countries dependent on each other

    I don't know if cyber-espionage is the biggest threat to Sino
    -American relations but it will certainly act as a brake on innovation
    and new ideas we need to bring progress for the companies and people of
    both economies. China is like a teenager in this. It is behaving badly but is not aware
    of its effects.

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