Is industrial development more important than protecting the environment?

  • Development is the reason for evrything tht we have now

    The language ur talking is bcz of developemnet.
    You can stay safe frm lightning, Thunder in ur houses bcz of developmment.
    The phones in ur hands r bcz of development.
    The replies you all sent in this website is bcz of development.
    If development was not there, Don't know in which jungle were all of us roaming without clothes and dresses.
    So pls understand that development is more important thn environment

  • We become better

    It makes us grow and have a better livestyle it makes things easier for us, if we didnt have it life would be alot much harder for us and we wouldnt be able to do and produce whar we can now but i still think the environment is very important for our living and shouldnt be harmed.

  • Industries pollute environment and also causes us

    I write 500 pages on that industrial development destroy the environment industries are no important it is write that industries make our work easy but it damage us although we make thing by our hand also at early time people made all the thing my hand as it could consume time but we are not suffering from diseases. I agree

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  • Idc about environment

    Technology development is amazing meanwhile environment, like honestly i do not give a fucking shit about it and why would i anyways? Technology is how this website was made and without technology you would not be able to make this website and many other shit that we use would not exist without technology.

  • Yea obviously industrial development is quite more important rather than protecting the nature

    What's the use of the environment if we don't use it for our betterment. Infact the first industrial developed countries like Britain are more healthy and green rather than ours. So we cant say that the reason for environmental pollution is industrial development. These countries are both industrially and environmentally strong.

  • Definitely the answer is no.

    Destroying nature, our environment for industry development is madness . How could live on devastated territory come on just be a little logic and for a while think about next generation i mean your children. Could imagine long term drought no food no drinking water and wait for end of the day.

  • Yup.....But i think both are important

    No industrial development so what the use of environment. Environmental pollution people will not be left to make industries.
    Both are equally important. The point is industries should be developed but to such an extent that environment will be harmed. I think every thing should be done but upto to a certain limit.

  • Economic devlopment countries

    It helps in utilizing our natural resources properly if we have all the natural resources in this world there is no use of it if we don't use it.......Right? That's why I say economic development is important rather than protecting the environment with improvement in our industries we can turn to protecting the environment - SRIVARSH

  • We need to fend for ourselves too

    This may sound selfish but, I don't really care what happens for the people 500 years later. Life is a survival game. You prosper and have a good life, or you fail, die, and its gg. You dont need to be all goody goody and save the earth, because the earth Is going to die anyways. We were too late to save it a long time ago

  • We are destroying our earth and you don't care?

    While yes the inventions made by us have done amazing things and are truly impressive, I will remind you that we need the environment to live. You can survive without iphones, But as soon as there is more carbon dioxide than oxygen in the air we all die. As soon as we suck our planet dry of resources where do we go? Just saying.

  • Environment is more important than industrialization

    Becoz everything we get from the environment. . . All the original sources for inventing anything mainly comes from the nature. But bcoz of the increasing number of industries it's causing various types of pollution air, Water, Soil, Aquatic etc. These all causes damages to nature as well as on all the human beings and animals. These reason can cause the natural calamities. . . I'm not saying that industrialization is not important but it have to in limits and not harming to environment. . It have to be in manner. Bcoz without environment we are nothing.

  • It is simple

    When we talk about industrial development vs. Environmental conservation, we are talking about short-term capital gain vs. Long-term preservation. In the short-term, it is economically superior to develop industrially, but in the long-term, it is ridiculous. Once an industrial development is built upon a natural beauty, that natural beauty is gone. It is impossible to retrieve that natural beauty without some sort of artificial enhancement. We must take a step back and view the big picture: long-term environmental protection is far superior than short-term capital gain.

  • Protecting the environment is more important than industrial development

    As many people have stated I definitely think that protecting our environment is more important than industrial development because a lot of the development we have done as a population has caused our environment to deteriorate. And we must remember that we wouldn't be here if it weren't for our environment. The trees and plants that are one of the things in nature that has suffered from our development and they are necessary for us to live because they provide oxygen. They are essential to a lot of animals, which we also live off of. Some industrial development is important but I don't think it is more important than our environment, especially when it brings harm to the environment.

  • No, it is definitely not.

    Mother nature is too often taken for granted although its importance is extremely prominent. Without a protected and healthy environment, all inventions would just be wasteful. Our earth is the one keeping us alive and well to create these innovations. The environment provides us food and oxygen as well. If those were to be destroyed by industrial work, nothing would thrive. Pollution from factories could cause permanent damage to the environment

  • Industrial development is human made

    Earth (environment) existed so much earlier than humans and the man made industrial development. Also, the reason for our existence and industrial development itself is earth; we exploit nature's resources and made it ours. However, if we keeping exploiting nature to 'achieve' more industrial development, there is not going to be any more resources left for us to utilize. Moreover, humans are not going to be able to survive due to pollution as a consequence of the industrial development. - JEONGMIN JANG

  • Nations are losing more from pollution than they are gaining from industrialisation

    China is a perfect example. Twenty years of uncontrolled economic development have created serious, chronic air and water pollution. This has increased health problems and resulted in annual losses to farmers of crops worth billions of dollars. So uncontrolled growth is not only bad for the environment, it is also makes no economic sense.

  • Definitely no ...

    Nations are losing more from pollution than they are gaining from industrialization. China is a perfect example. Twenty years of uncontrolled economic development have created serious, chronic air and water pollution. This has increased health problems and resulted in annual losses to farmers of crops worth billions of dollars. So uncontrolled growth is not only bad for the environment, it is also makes no economic sense.

  • Environment is more important than development...

    The development is nit important more than than conserving the environment because if the nature destroy , humans , plants will be also destroyed on earth because environment providing us food to eat , oxygen to breathe and everything can be put to good use. By building factories for development to earn more income , it will destroy our earth . For an example , the factories nearby the the rivers will release the toxic and chemical waste to the river which may causes death to the aquatic life because there is no oxygen for them to breathe. According to me destroying nature , our environment is madness. At last I would say and suggest that we should take care of environment and more plant and more trees because it us a gift from God which make a happier and comfortable life for us....

  • Why don't you care

    The world is progressing in science and technology but forgetting their mother, mother nature ,environment the vital cause of their existance . We cut trees for industrialization but forget why do we survive being humans. The crucial part of all is why are we so heRTLESS AND INHUMAIN and inconsiderate.

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