Is industrialization a blessing (yes) or a curse (no)?

  • Yes, Most definitely

    While there was child labor, Cholera, Low wages, Etc. , The Industrial Revolution was a huge impact on the British economy and technology. The Industrial Revolution's inventions led to many of the inventions that we have today in terms of development. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in the Industrial Rev.

  • 'yes' is not my true answer

    I think it was a blessing and a curse.Us humans gained and keep gaining plentiful from the IR but we keep destorying are planet in the proces.
    And yes i do think that we depend FULLY on tech know adays but i also think without the IR we couldnt have progressed much faster and would have wasted more natural recouses in trying to get to were we are now.Another thing that the IR helped us understand is Medicene and other health related stuff and if it wasnt for meds most of us would be here.And with that i finish

  • I complete agree

    I am just agreeing with the people who agreed with me. I did not want to write a supporting argument. Thanks to everyone who has added their side of the story it really helped me realize a lot of what's going on. The Industrial Revolution was a blessing. Thank you.

  • Industrialization is a blessing beyond doubt.

    The Industrial Revolution which started in the 18th century and lasted to the 19th century was the greatest blessing that's been bestowed upon civilization. Countries like the UK, Belgium, Germany, France and the US granted and endowed us with far more opportunities in the job sector and also produced unlimited innovations. Naturally, these countries got wealthier and more powerful and thus the citizens of these nations became richer and their quality of living increased. Urbanization spread extremely quick and people had more options to choose from in regards to technology and mass manufacturing of several items. For the people who are anti-industrialization I seriously suggest you have serious problems that need to be resolved ASAP. You guys just want to go back to a rural, agrarian lifestyle and live dull and meaningless lives. Life isn't just about being a farmer with land available to you and a barn and some animals. Society needs to acknowledge that industry and technology are good for us due to the fact that we become more advanced and progressive. Nations also unquestionably become more enlightened as they approach alternate lifestyles other than the traditional way of living.

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  • It is important

    It us important because we will devlope more medicnes would be made for food and for the future of morden world and if people say that it is not important so i will say them how food will be made how they will live how clothes will be made how they will survive

  • The Industrial Revolution is a blessing to modern civilization

    It increased Sanitation, led to medical advancements, and the wealth of western and European countries. Without the Industrial Revolution, there would have been no transportation, which is a main contributer to the spread of knowledge, goods and people. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution offered more people jobs and now the common person be able to purchase the luxuries that were being produced during that era for cheaper prices. It relieved farmers from the harsh farm life and led to urbanization. In conclusion, the pros outway the cons and the Industrial Revolution is important to the overall development of society. Without this crucial time period, we wouldn't be where we are today!

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  • I know it from internet

    Industrial revolution is blessing because nowadays we are in modern society. Now we have skyscraper, different time in far country and the invention of electricity. Most of us take all this things for granted but do you know this is a big invention and explore. Without changes we are all live in an inconvenience place and we were can’t go too far places because there is no transport. The industrial revolution let us depend on many inventions. Like, mobile phone, internet, and other convenience things that we are using nowadays.

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  • Yes it is bad for us.

    Because it pollutes our environment very much more than us environment we are in danger with industrialisation l agree with this words it is true eat insects us and produces many more diseases which will kill us in just a a few months and our world will totally destroyed and we can't do anything for it so for stopping by stopping the industrialisation we will save our world

  • Industrlization destroyes fate

    I thnk the term industilization is not only attractive but also destructive. We can see the water bodies got pollluted by the harmful effulents released by the factories without proceesing them. We can see the hazardous it causes to the aquatic life and stent smell of the water that we cannot use for any prupose.

  • Depression rates are up

    Depression rates and suicide rates are up because everyone does the same menial task everyday and it makes them want to kill themselves. We aren’t as bad as Japan but we're getting close. People who are in the offices or factories are stuck doing the same thing very day and for what? Making our world a better place? It isn’t better if no ones wants to live in it.

  • Unemployment, pollution, killer!

    In the depression of 1932, the game of blaming unemployment on the machines started all over again. Within a few months the doctrines of a group calling them­selves the Technocrats had spread through the country like a forest fire. I shall not weary the reader with a recital of the fantastic figures put forward by this group or with corrections to show what the real facts were. It is enough to say that the Technocrats returned to the error in all its native purity that machines permanent

  • No cusre curse

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  • #GoodForLust but #BadForExistence

    Well, nowadays we all hear about, science did this, science did that with the help of its most valuable friend "industrialization". Today mankind is totally dependent on the products manufactures in industries. We made ourselves a pet of it.
    Man made machines but now He is being mechanized by them.

    Posted by: MrSJ
  • Industrailisation will destroy our planet.

    The environment that birthed us is being poisoned and destroyed and for what? Society is organised like a machine we are all in our place. We are losing skills to survive in the natural world and the knowledge that being together can bring. Industralisation has given us stuff but I'm not sure it's the abundant life Christ spoke off. Stuff seems to leave us empty and our pursuit of stuff seems isolated. I would like to live in harmony with the planet and God, if we all learnt to be, contrating on our basic needs being met maybe the world could be fed and have's and have not's a regrettable memory.

  • Industry is satan

    Ever since the dawn of time, the world has been a battleground between god and satan. That is, until the industrial revolution. That was when satan won.
    I pledge alligance to the flag,
    i dont know the rest because satan won. America is doomed. The rapture is not upon us it happened already. It happened when the first factories opened and satan won the supposed eternal struggle against goodness.
    God bless america and hail satan

  • .Industrial Revolution was a curse

    Pollution and drinking water problems are the burning issues in Patancheru Assembly Constituency, which is close to the capital city of Hyderabad. There is no proper drinking water supply in as many as 120 villages of the constituency.

    About 50 villages are declared pollution-affected and on the directions of the Supreme Court, drinking water from Manjeera is being supplied to them. But the water distribution is based on 2001 census and is providing insufficient to the meet the demands of the population, which has grown over years owing to industrial development in the region.

  • Industrial Revolution was a curse

    The Industrial revolution was a curse because a lot of people suffered because of the industrial revolution. It was a curse because the people who owned the factories gained a lot of money and they didn't use it to do good. The industrial revolution also was a blessing to the people who but the items. This kind of sounds selfish, but for example, we benefit from the items we but like nike shoes when we know that the people behind the machines are suffering to feed their parents everyday.

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