• Industry raises the standard of living

    Industrialization has made the division of labor more efficient and has increased the average salary earned through a process that self-perpetuates. It causes minor problems such as reduced air quality, but it solves those problems in many ways, such as suburbs, and cleaner ways of heating one's home (natural gas instead of coal, coal instead of wood).

    Transportation has been made much faster and easier since the industrial revolution. For example, most of the population had to use public transportation until 1950. This is because the car was invented at the end of the 19th century and mass production made it easier for millions of Americans to purchase one. Another example is the fact that rail and sea travel was made nearly 3 times faster from 1830 to 1930. Air travel is relatively new yet is available to many Americans since industrial processes have made it cheaper and more reliable.

    When it comes down to it, competition and innovation makes things more abundant and less expensive while making them better, faster, and easier. Instead of glass soda bottles, people use plastic ones because they don't break and the cap is easier to use. Instead of living in the city with soot and filth and density, people can now live outside the city and commute inside which allows them to have more room, more stuff, and a more tranquil environment. There are many other things that industry has made better.

  • Industry is definitely a good thing.

    In the long run industry is definitely a good thing.People are always thinking that they can expand their opportunities and they can definitely achieve this through the different things that industry has to offer.Whether you are an inventor or a small business owner you can always improve yourself with a little industry.\

  • Industry is progress

    Though there are benefits and consequences to Industry as a whole I believe it to be progressive, plain and simple. Tolkein believed in conservation, with a reliance on nature and natural ways, but that goes against the very nature of man. Industry allows for progress and progress introduces new concepts, which is good.

  • The industrial revolution has a great effect on our environment

    The mass production of goods are making resources rare and a time will come when we wont have any natural resources and there will be no existence of living things in this world.Looking back at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, it is difficult to realize how what took place then is having such complicated and vast effects today. This is the principle of environmental unity – a change in one system will cause changes in others.

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