• It, Of course, Is good in a limited amount.

    If the US fed decided that inflation was bad, With some of the best economists in the world, They could easily stop inflation and not print any more currency. The truth is, People point to extreme examples of inflation running amuck, But this does not happen in any developed country where people know what there doing. Can you name one successful modern economy that doesn't experience inflation? Of course, You can't, More money is needed for a growing economy with growing amounts of people, Goods, And jobs. Not to mention, That the government now has no money and the only way of getting money is taxes, Which would require an extremely high tax rate with no inflation. The high tax would stop economic growth, And f**k up the whole economy.

  • It really depends

    Hyper-inflation can destroy an economy. If inflation gets out of hand, It can create a vicious cycle, Where rising inflation, Causes higher inflation expectations, Which in turn pushes prices even higher. Hyper-inflation can wipe out the savings of the middle-classes, And redistribute wealth and income towards those with debt and assets and property.
    Costs of reducing inflation. To restore price stability, Governments/Central Banks need to pursue deflationary fiscal/monetary policy. However, This leads to lower aggregate demand and often a recession. The cost of reducing inflation – is unemployment, At least in the short-term.

  • Yes, But with some guidelines

    Inflation is something like drinking it must be done in moderation. What I mean by that is there can’t be a suddenly spike in inflation rates. What this will do is it will cause confusion and uncertainty to the consumer, Which will in turn create less spending. When this happens international competitiveness decreases as the consumer begins to buy less. When this happens and people’s wages stay the same they begin to have less income. The reason being things will begin to cost more while they are still making the same amount.

  • Inflation helps employers

    From the position of an employer, Rising prices make it easier for companies to put up wages. They also give the flexibility not to increase wages by as much as inflation, But still, Offer their staff some sort of rise. In a world of zero inflation, Some companies might be forced to cut wages. Therefore inflaton helps people make more money.

  • Yes inflation is good

    Inflation is good when it is mild. When inflation makes consumers expect prices to continue rising. When prices are going up, People will buy now rather than pay later. This increases demand in the short term. As a result, Stores sell more and factories produce more now. They are more likely to hire new workers to meet demand. It creates a virtuous cycle, Boosting economic growth.

  • Yes, It's great!

    Inflation can be seen as something that is negative to many people that are not as financially stable as others but it is actually something that can impact the community and society as a whole. Inflation is a general increase in money. I think that this can seriously help the economy and help people build up their savings and income, It may be a hit to the paycheque at first but it can seriously build up and bring everyone else up around.

  • It’s very beneficial

    I believe that there is a multitude of benefits that inflation helps with. The following are a few examples as to why I support inflation: You'll Get Better Savings Account Rates. It's Cheaper to Travel Abroad. It Offsets Negative Effects of Deflation. Wages Will Be Higher. You'll Get Cost-of-Living Adjustments.

  • Inflation is bad

    Inflation increases the opportunity costs of holding money, Which then increase the uncertainty for investments and savings for the future. When the cost of everything goes up, You are forced to spend more money for the same goods and your income will not match the prices. The worth of our dollar decreases which leads to many items losing their values. Although there are benefits to inflation, The negatives outweigh the positive and show that inflation is bad.

  • Not for all

    Deflation is potentially very damaging to the economy and can lead to lower consumer spending and lower growth. For example, When prices are falling, Consumers are encouraged to delay purchasing in the hope prices will be cheaper in the future.
    A moderate inflation rate reduces the real value of debt. If there is deflation, The real value of debt increases leading to a squeeze on disposable incomes.
    Moderate rates of inflation allow prices to adjust and goods to attain their real price.

  • Inflation is bad

    Inflation is not good for the economy or people in general. Inflation will always reduce the value of money unless interest rates are higher than inflation, Which they will never be. And the higher inflation gets, The less chance there is that savers will see any real return on their money. Although in theory that should be good for the economy, By encouraging people to spend rather than save. Overall inflation is bad for the economy.

  • Inflation is bad

    It is not good for the economy or people in general. Inflation will always reduce the value of money unless interest rates are higher than inflation, Which will not happen. And the higher inflation gets, The less chance there is that savers will see any real return on their money. Although in theory that should be good for the economy, By encouraging people to spend rather than save. Inflation overall hurts the economy.

  • Inflation is not good

    In my personal opinion, Inflation is a bad thing. If inflation is high, It is not good for the economy and is not good for the people. In conclusion, Inflation reduces the value of money. The exception of this is if the interest rates are at a high in comparison to inflation.

  • Bad for Saving Money

    If you save your money by hoarding cash, Inflation erodes the purchasing power of the amount saved. This means there are no incentives for people to save money, But rather to get rid of the money they have. Even if you save in the form of savings deposits which pay interest, The interest may not be enough to compensate you in full
    for inflation.

  • Inflation is badd

    Inflation is bad For a few reasons. One is because of the fact that it brings down the worth of the dollar and that leads to other worldly problems such as increased unemployment rate and on top of that it can lead to other items loosing their value. That is all.

  • Inflation is bad

    I believe that inflation is bad because making an increase in the general price level of goods and services doesn’t allow an equal opportunity for every member of our society to try to support themselves the best they possibly can. It is only fair when prices are inflated and the economy can sustain a level price.

  • No it is not

    Everyone needs to be able to afford every day needs. Very essential. If prices of food for example are inflated too high, Many people will go hungry. This is not fair. I don’t know wat else to write so i hope this is okay and you can settle thank you.

  • No Your money becomes worthless

    The cost of goods increases. That bread loaf could double in price the next day. You are forced to spend your money because the prices of everything increases.
    That is what has happen in Germany and in Venezuela and its happening in the USA
    The prices for everything goes up and your paycheck does not keep up.

    That guy on the left is a troll. You will not have enough money to afford the trip because it is too expensive and he assumes that you will get welfare. And you might get paid more but it will not be enough. Look at inflation and the effects and you can see that is a terrible thing.

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