• Yes, insider selling keeps the stocks in the hands of just a few people and is morally wrong.

    Insider Selling is a concern because it is illegal. It keeps a small amount of people having the control over most of stocks. This goes against everything that is moral when it comes to business. Everyone that is able should have the right to touch all sides of stocks. Law enforcement should put more thought into controlling insider selling.

  • Yes, it is a huge problem.

    I think that it is fair to say, that insider selling is indeed a huge problem, and is something that we should all be very concerned with. Insider trading screws over the rest of the world and allows only a select few to make a ton of money, so we should worry.

  • Yes, insider selling is a concern.

    Yes, I believe that insider selling is a concern. There is only so much controversy that a company can endure before it plummets, and insider trading is one of the worst contributors to controversy. Not only is insider trading illegal and harmful to a company's stock, it hurts its shareholders massively and is a selfish action.

  • Insider selling is out-right fraud.

    Insider selling is out-right fraud. Instead of giving people equal access to stock options, it allocates wealth in the hands of a very few and keeps outside investors out. If insider trading were to go unchecked, it would allocate wealth in the hands of a few people, even more so than it already is.

  • Insider trading is a concern because it has adverse affects on the economy.

    Insider trading gives an unfair advantage to those who participate. They receive information on what is happening to the finances of a big industry and use that information to drive stock prices up so they can sell at the peak to earn big money. The next day the stock is worthless and that comes back on the public as higher prices, or the laying off of thousands of workers. To the people trading it may seem like free trade or exchange of information. The reality is the recession we are just pulling out of and the demoralization of a society are the result.

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