• What is the point?

    What is the point of posting weird selfies? What is the point of having a site that makes you more stupid? You don't learn anything from it, apart from who does the weirdest selfies or takes the funniest photos. When children and teenagers apply to universities and for jobs, the interviewers can look at your accounts to see how stupid you are. Instagram (and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media site) is stupid!

  • Welcome to selfie city! Population: everyone

    That's great that everyone has an app so that they can post stupid pictures of them looking weird. Most cyber bulling in children happens on Instagram. People judge you on the amount of followers you have and it can be horrible. Colleges look at these kind of things even from when they are kids. Also, people and children are putting themselves out there and exposing almost every aspect of their lives during that. Instagram is stupid!

  • ALL social media is detrimental!

    I agree that Instagram is no good, but neither is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, or any other form of social media.

    Children don't learn what is truly important in life and don't know how to respect those who are different than themselves. There is also a lack of social contexts and knowing how act in certain social situations. Self-esteem is also decreased because they are only looking at value based upon how many followers or friends they have online. I wonder many offline friends they have.

  • It "influences" people in the wrong way.

    I know kids in a school that literally spend their whole time on their phones looking at Instagram because it is designed to be addictive. Too many people have fallen into the trap of fake "influencers", Pointless "selfies" and are now making themselves antisocial. It has been scientifically proven by the University of Pittsburgh since they have shown that those people who spend more time on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook tend to feel more socially isolated than those who don’t. So please, Put your darned phone down and talk to REAL people who don't just hide behind a computer screen.

  • Only to show off one’s “best self”

    The majority of photos on Instagram (especially those posted by women) are edited or shopped to the point where they look nothing like reality. I also find it quite stupid how there are these “Instagram rules” about what one is allowed to post on their Instagram because apparently it’s supposed to only show “your best self”. . . Just what we need, Another social media platform filled with sheep that all conform to these “rules” and lose any sense of originality or individuality they once had. I suppose it’s unfortunately just human nature to rather group yourself as part of a collective to feel “special” rather than to actually figure out who the hell you are and live your life how YOU want.

  • Without Instagram, What do the lowest level people in society to do? Go revolution? Instagram made huge contribution to our society by reducing crime rate.

    Without Instagram, What do the lowest level people in society to do? Go revolution? Instagram made huge contribution to our society by reducing crime rate. Yep. I am sure that most Instagram users are low IQ, Life is tough to them. Instagram gave them a little bit sugar. So, I vote yes.

  • Instagram and snapchat provide anxiety to users

    As a dad of a teenager, My daughter spends too much time on it. She has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. The cell phone radiation + irrelevant content are a distraction that heightens anxiety. Save time and money and delete it! It does nothing to improve your quality of life.

  • Not reality at all

    I feel worse after using IG. People just want to flaunt their money, looks, body, friends, etc. on IG. It's not reality. It is so addictive, too, that people can spend hours upon hours on it. Plus the amount of followers / likes people get is so dumb. & how so many girls want to flaunt their body on it to get all these comments about their body. Ugh!

  • Passwords and emails

    When ever i try to login to my email it says i have the wrong email when i put my username in it says i have the wrong password. So i don't know what to do anymore but get a new account but then i will have to follow all my friends and family again.

  • Not so much that Instagram is "stupid" as much as it demonstrates the stupidity of its users.

    I heard a comment once that I thought was pretty profound. "The SUM of ALL KNOWLEDGE in the Universe is CONSTANT. But the POPULATION is GROWING!"

    I thought that was hilarious but as I see the growth of mindless entertainment on the internet, the more I realize that statement is truer that one might think.

    Anything that doesn't serve to educate, detracts from society. Isn't stupidity running rampant as it is? Why contribute to it.

  • Absurd to blame a website

    Instagram is merely a social media site, saying it is stupid is stupid. And why blame the website for the deeds of its users? Many people may use instagram to boast about their wealth, clothes, and body, but they aren't forcing it down people's throats. People choose to follow these people. People choose to downgrade themselves when they start comparing themselves with others on instagram.

    There's not really much difference between Instagram and Facebook. And it is always our choice to set up an account or not. If one does not like instagram, then one does not use instagram. Do not blame social media for the degradation of the present generation, it is the job of parents to raise children right and teach them proper conduct so they do not become cyber-bullies. And even without cyber-bullying, there is bullying in person. Bullies are not made by social media, they are raised. Back when it was still the dawn of television people were also blaming television for everything. Always there has to be an object to project all the blame to. Why not look into the mirror for a change?

    Posted by: GKY
  • Saying Something you Don't Like is Stupid is Foolish

    Instagram isn't stupid. People say that social media isn't really being social, that it doesn't teach kids what they need to know. That doesn't make any sense, it's allowing them to communicate with others and branch out. So much information passes digitally now, it's not like it's a disadvantage to learn to communicate that way. People also blame Instagram for cyber bulling. That's just silly. If it didn't happen online, it would happen in person.

  • Instagram is not stupid. Its the people who stupid

    Instagram, just as anything human created, can be useful or useless depend on the person who use it. A knife can be useful but also can be deadly. Instagram can be useful but also can make someone stupid. Instagram can be used as a mean to spread good things. So the point is, People need to be wiser to use anything. In this case, Instagram

  • Make it for pc, morons!

    Instagram is supposed to be SOOOOO great for business (especially artists) and yet I can't use it on the device I have all my art saved on?
    All because you refuse to allow it to work from a browser. Am I really supposed to transfer all my high rez images over to my phone one by one just so I can upload them to the same site? And from a device with half the speed and no storage space?

    What's that? Oh good, they finally made an app for PC, great! OH WAIT! I CAN'T USE IT WITHOUT A WEBCAM ATTACHED.

    Yes, this is the definition of stupid. :(

  • Users can be stupid, but the website is not

    I have a comedy instagram account where I post every day and thousands of people laugh at it. It is a fun hobby for me and my viewers enjoy it. There are some stupid people on instagram but there are also creative, funny, inspiring, and good people on instagram. And even if someone does post a pointless selfie, who are you to judge them?

  • Nah it's a creative and interesting site.

    You have friends, you can see their pics and be like oh such a nice place, or you can follow an artist or photographer and see some really nice pictures, you can follow someone in fashion, or a cake designer or baker, or a scientist taking pictures of cool innovative things, the possibilities are endless, there is much more to instagram that following Kim Kardashian.

    It's a great idea and site/app.

  • Depends on the person.

    IT depends on the user. Some people ONLY post selfies, which is stupid. But some people take beautiful pictures of really beautiful locations and want to share them with the world. It's a great way for photographers to go public, and for people who want to share they're loves, or (sigh), post pointless selfies.

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