• Intellect is far more important than emotion.

    Intellect is far more important than emotion. This is why men make much better rulers than
    women. Women are emotional, and tend to
    make very bad decisions because their emotions often overpower their intellect. Many wars and murders occurred because people
    lost control and made decisions with their emotions instead of their intellect.

  • I'd much rather be Clever than Chatty

    I know that, personally, trying to have an intellectual conversation with a stupid person gets you nowhere fast. It doesn't matter how much charisma or charm you have, stupidity has its limits, while intellect does not. Just ask all the kids in High School who's vocabulary consists of "innit" and not much else. A thrilling conversation...

  • The reason we value emotion is its mystique, but to better harness it through discipline of the mind... is that such a bad thing?

    What is the meaning of life? The pursuit of happiness? Then why do so many who have lived, die unhappy? Were their lives not successful? I wouldn't think so. Is it necessary that some live unhappy so that others can achieve this goal? I wouldn't think so either. What if... we all could be happy? What if we could channel our natural emotions into our artificial states of mind? If we could handle emotion better... would so many people kill themselves? If they could see logic in their choices and find the little joys that life provides? Would war be a threat?... is people could see how illogical killing based on anger is compared to peace through understanding. I believe beasts feel emotion, and that is what separates us from the apes, our minds can rationalize, cope, and adapt. Its just a shame so many are preoccupied on trying to cultivate the unyielding emotion while what they should be focusing on, is their own minds...

  • Logic is more useful than emotion.

    In the cold, hard world that we know, people will benefit infinitely from having a clear head and a logical train of thought. For example, when facing a financial crisis, one will take the likely course of action which will most likely end up in success. People who use their emotions as justification are prone to unstability and fits of rage. Emotion clouds their mind.

  • Intellect is far more useful and benefitable

    Emotions are something implemented within all creatures but intellect is something that only humans are gifted, unfortunately majority of humans naturally are bound and somewhat driven by emotions and i hate to call it but its a flaw within the human mindset. We think that we are superior and proud of our mental abilities but there are many ways to criticize that (we try to believe what makes us happy and thats wrong)

  • Intellect is far more important

    Many people on this cite do not relies one thing. Without intelligence there is no love . If we were a world with out intelligence we would just be a society of blithering idiots that wearing socks on our hands. If we could not mange to cloth our self's correctly how could we grasp something as complicated as love. This is why we need intelligence over love.

  • Intellect and emotions should be in perfect equality

    All the intelligent persons came from middle families(they weren't poor or rich)They were normal! OK but why? You probably will think that they are more than the poor or rich ones but it's wrong they become intelligent because they had low emotions. This is my theory if you have a monotone life you La have no choice than to think a lot witch makes you intelligent. But remember that you must not remove some ''vital'' emotions like love.

  • Intellect is needed more in this day

    Intellect is more important because in this day and age, no one is considering the outcomes of what they say. I'm tired of having to explain why what someone did was bad and that their wrong for accusing and attacking someone. This world is starting to fill with more emotion than intelligence.

  • Emotion makes people blind.

    This is a problem that a handful of people in our society. It's one to have emotions to drive, but you need to have intelligence to back your reasoning. If you just do something based on emotions without reasoning, then your a lost cause. Deciding your actions with reasoning and intelligence will help you through life.

  • Emotion is impulsive

    The problem with emotion is that it has no verification, no reasoning behind it. If one lives primarily by emotion, they may find themselves making impulsive decisions. Intellect, on the other hand, allows one to weigh the options, and make an informed decision based off of what actually is. Emotion is caused purely by our own personal drives and mindsets, and as such, it must contain certain flaws. It is based on what we feel like we want, not what is the best decision. Intellect, on the other hand, is not swayed by what feels the best, but what is the best.

  • To be intellect and to be emotionless is pointless.

    I agree that the only way the world would be able to function if we chose intellect over emotion however it would all be pointless. If we could not feel and benefit emotionally from what we have set up and created, why should we create it in the first place?

  • I'd say that both are equally important

    A balance between the two should be established. One cannot be set above the other, they are both necessary in order to be a complete person. Without emotions we wouldn't be able to experience all the beauty of life, we would be almost no different than a robot. Again, neither intellect nor emotions are more significant than the other, we need both in order to make a difference in this world.

  • For the most important reason, we're not robots

    Human beings we have feelings. I don't give a rats ass if robots are smarter than humans in the future. Human beings don't only have a brain, we have a heart and feelings and a soul. What is this world coming to where now we are measuring ourselves by intelligence. No.

  • They are equal to each other

    Intellect and emotion are equal in the sense that we need a little bit of both or we wont survive. Having no emotion is not at all possible because no matter what we are doing we are feeling some sort of emotion. And as for intellect, people have all different levels. Some people have high levels of intellect and lower levels of emotion and some are opposite, and yet some people are perfectly balanced between the two.

  • Without emotion you have no way of guiding your intellect.

    For example, when someone has a passion for something, they can speak on it forever. To have passion for something is to have love for it. Love is a very powerful emotion. Intellect is used to speak on it or provide thoughts and feelings (your knowledge) about it. So, it's kind of similar to a chain reaction.

  • Intellect Without Emotion Has No Direction

    If we don't have any emotion then what should we apply our intellect to in order to solve? Increasing lifespan? Why what's so great about that? Helping to cure disease? Again without emotion what's so wonderful about that. Without emotion there is no such thing as "disease", and a malignant tumor becomes just another neutral fact about the Universe.

    Emotion is necessary to decide what it is we value. Intellect is necessary to figure out how to get there.

  • Intellect and emotion are both necessary for society to progress.

    Empathy is necessary for intellect to be used for the benefit of society. An understanding of emotion is necessary to understand a world by which we use logic to comprehend. Intellect without emotion is antisocial. Intellect and emotion are like Yin and Yang. They support each-other. It's all about balance.

  • Intellect and emotions must coexistence and must be congruent. Never above the other.

    We cannot disprove that both are highly important for a human being to live life holistically and successfully. They should and must be equal to the other, Never too much emotion and less intellect or just intellect and no emotions. Isn't it why we were given both? Not only given one over the other.

  • . Agree .

    Why to have feelings, they are indeed stupid, undoubtedly irrational and with no logic. You need to follow logic and science because that's real and not a lie like moral, ethics or religion. That's why intelligence is allways better and allways will be better. Thanks for all your attention .

  • Any intellectual decision is unconsciously influenced by our emotions

    The question is not if one is more important than the other but how to make both work best together to take more balanced decisions. The human being is not a binair, lineair being although our society tries to make us belief that we are. Today we know that around the heart and the gut we have the same kind of neuronic links as in the brain so why not use it ? Actually, when you're confident, intuition works very well and tells us much more than logic only. And if you're really honest with yourself they guide our way of thinking. So people who say that they are totally logical/intellectual are actually lying to themselves.

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