Is Intelligence Quotient or 'IQ' a good way to measures people's intelligence?

Asked by: Rezamee
  • Iq is an effective tool to show a person's General intelligence.

    Iq effectively identifies individuals with both high and low intelligence. Clear evidence exists showing that the higher someone's iq, The higher salary they earn, The better qualifications they have and the higher standard of living they enjoy. Iq is not a perfect measure of all roundintelligence but it is the best model around.

  • A test is a test is a result based on the limitations of the test and the creator of the test.

    How many people have been waylaid because of the results of an IQ test? The IQ test can only show results based on ones ability to complete the test. What is said of those who score low on this test but are musical prodigies? It is possible to be intelligent in so many different areas and yet lacking in the capability to comprehend the logic statements found in the IQ test. Yes it indicates who is intelligent so far as their ability to perform in conjuncture to the limitations of the IQ test itself. But it fails to encompass all forms of intelligence and thus it fails to stand as an accurate representation of true intelligence.

  • People should NOT be define by a test score.

    In today's society we have a habit of judging what people are worth base off a test score, and I think that's ridiculous. Nobody should be define on how smart they are base off some test score. Most likely due to this "I.Q" test people lost hope in themselves, and I think that's tragic that they don't tap into their full potential because of that.

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