Is internal beauty more appealing than outer beauty?

  • Yes but harder to find

    Yes internal beauty is more appealing then outer beauty but it is also a lot harder to find. Outer beauty is easy to see and very appealing in its own right but without inner beauty outer beauty will get very old very quickly. It is not easy to find true inner beauty.

  • Internal Beauty Over External Beauty

    While external beauty is a great thing, internal beauty is much more appealing and impressive. Some people consider looks to be most important. At some point, however, they realize that inner beauty often seals the deal instead. Inner beauty is much more important than most people realize these days after all.

  • Internal Beauty is the Most Important

    Yes, internal beauty is more appealing and important than outer beauty. Outer beauty tends to fade over time, and as the expression goes, is only "skin deep." Inner beauty is what makes a person wonderful to be around, the personality that makes a person likeable and caring. Inner beauty is definitely the more important of the two.

  • Yes, internal beauty is more appealing.

    It's what's on the inside that counts, even though this sounds cliche. For example, someone who is really beautiful or handsome is not someone who is appealing if she or he is a self-centered brat. It's much more important to be humble and kind. Also, many people say what they are attracted to is confidence, or a good sense of humor. Neither one of these is related to personal appearance.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I am one of those people who try not to judge a book by its cover. I like to get to know the person and not completely judge whether or not I want to be associated them by their looks. I do believe it's the inside that really counts for the person.

  • Yes, although they are both important.

    If one has to pick, internal beauty is the best kind to have, because a truly good person is very appealing. That does not mean that someone should not try to let that inner beauty shine on the outside. It is fine to keep oneself in good physical shape and to enhance what one has.

  • The Inside Always Counts

    Outer beauty is superficial, and it is not something that really has an impact on a person's character. People fall in love the people they grown to intimately know. People don't fall in love with faces or body parts; that is mostly irrelevant to a person's strength of will and inners spirit.

  • Fuck Mah Pussy

    Outer beauty is what gets people to come to you. If you are an ugly shit face no one is going to want to have sexual intercourse with you. With a sexy person, you would actually want to talk to them unlike ugly people who may be beautiful on the inside.

  • You Can Not Deny This

    External beauty is what attracts you to a person 100%. If the person of your interest is below your 'standards' of beauty, you will not engage in communication.
    Internal beauty is there to validate external beauty, but one cannot nullify the other.
    A beautiful person can be awful, and still be loved, have sex, success and relationships.
    A non-beautiful person can never be awful, but is forced to display exceptional internal beauty to stand a chance of competing for the "scraps".
    There is no denying this, any argument you'll come up with against above theory will, easily, be countered with sound, scientific and researched facts.

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