Is international cooperation a good thing?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Why Wouldn't it be.

    International cooperation is very important in improving diplomatic relations between countries. Without cooperation things would not get done. Though don't get me wrong some countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea hardly ever cooperate with the international community although we must continue to promote peace and stability to improve relations between countries.

  • Cooperation can be Slavery

    Yes, it's a good thing, but for who?
    Most likely it is the countries and peoples with the biggest armies.
    Cooperation and diplomacy are always the argument of those who stand to win the most, and those people are the rich of the 1st world who stand the most to gain from peaceful, investment ready 3rd world nations full of natural resources. It is also the first argument of those who want to instate their own western liberal cultural values onto other countries which is the case between the west and Islam.

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