• The UN Declared it to be a right.

    The UN declared in 2016 that the Internet is a right. The Internet is needed to figure out information about our government which is a key part of a democratic republic. If we did not have the Internet the press would be partially silenced and that is also a key part to our government.

  • Internet is indeed a luxury

    Why don't you think water is also a luxury in some African countries around the Sahara? But water accessibility is still a human right. Same with internet. Nowadays, The information online is become more necessary and mandatory. Let's consider the equality, All people on the world should have the right to access the internet.

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  • It is a requirement

    All the things that we do these days is through the internet, from making payments to finding routes to places that we don't know, it would be so much more easier for the human race to survive after this is made a right, because we are somehow already addicted and dependent on it in both good and bad ways.

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    Internet will help the world
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  • Definitely yes because ...

    It should be because internet helps people learn and get more education. For example: Google, Instagram,snap chat, YouTube, etc. These examples help people learn and do lots more in life. For example on Google you can translate words on Instagram you can post pictures and remember good memories of you and your friends! On Snap chat you can talk to people by snap pictures you can express your feelings. And on You tube you can watch video of how to make cool easy/hard crafts and it can teach you how to cook or sew. There is many other cool examples and sites that show good examples of things that if you use properly and respectfully and appropriately you can get good advice and lessons! So i think everyone should have access and permission to use internet, etc. Some fun facts are that nearly 20% of people in the United States don't have internet access.

  • Well, I am in the middle.

    If it was a human right, it would make life better for so many people in developing countries and well help them get an education but what if they don't have proper houses and no access to electricity. It would be useless. If this is the case, who would help supply electricity and homes. Surely the UN can't do it by themselves

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  • Yes it is

    Not a human right No, I do not think Internet access is a human right. I would say it is considered a luxury. Those that have used the Internet to perform illegal tasks, or to find instructions on making bomb making materials did not have the "right" to be able to use the Internet. They had the privilege to use it, not a right.
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  • Yes for sure!

    Increasing employment. Collaborating doctors and scientist. Supporting other nations from across seas! Coming together to unite as one on important issue. Helping increase nations GDP. It is a right that follows freedom of speech, religion, and press so it should be a right within itself to be able to have the ability to do those online. And of course for entertainment!

  • Seriously? That's like saying you have to learn art history.

    The internet is a luxury. It is something you should pay for, like a movie. Anyway, having internet access everywhere would increase crime. People would begin pirating things because in poorer countries, people wouldn't be able to pay for things like music or movies, so they would just copy and paste them. Also, think of the economic implications. Who would pay for 4 billion (Or something like that) computers.

  • No it is not.

    The internet is not defended in the constitution any where. It would be dumb to think that you could get the internet to be a human right when it is used for. No I don't think internet access is a human right Is web access becoming more and more important in modern society? Maybe so, but there's more important things besides that should be worried about first before that, such as good quality nutritious food, clean water and air, a place to sleep every night and clothes to warm or cool us. THOSE are true human rights, that we all should have innately from birth. The internet helps in other ways, but it's not a right.

  • Definitely not a human right!

    The Internet is a privilege or a luxuary that most of the human race are lucky to be able to enjoy in life. You don't need the internet to survive. I take online classes for college but I do understand that there are schools. Libraries for research. We don't need the internet. Just be happy we have it.

  • No, internet access is not a human right.

    Internet access is a luxury that most of us are able to enjoy in life. However, it is not by any means a human right. The ability to have Internet access should be something that we are thankful for and not something that we feel inclined to having the right to have it.

  • Not yet.

    The internet is increasingly becoming a fundamental facet of human life. It is where we access education, entertainment, information, pay our bills, shop, and more. However, we have not yet come to a point that the internet can be considered a "human right". It is still completely possible to live a comfortable and fulfilling life without any access to technology. However, I suspect that within the next 10 years or so my opinion on this issue will be changed.

  • It does more harm than good.

    People get cyber bullied online and are now mostly using the internet just to get on facebook instead of going to actually face to face meet the person. I agree with the others that say that it is not necessary. People these sockidnapped and murdered via these socil networking websites.

  • Of course not

    You don't NEED to have the internet survive. Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness are human rights. The internet is a luxurious thing to enjoy. Even if your work is on the computer you can still find a job that doesn't have anything to do with the internet.

  • no..

    no, human can still life without internet access. and, human can still success without internet access in the past.

    human right have been set up in the past. and it won't change for the new things.

    and, there aren't rules yet.
    so, we have think before

    if internet access is a human right, there are many country which is not giving the people free internet access.

    internet access has to be free if want to be a human right

  • Freedom to Obtain Knowledge and Happiness is a Right, Not Access to the Internet

    Humans have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does that entail the right to Internet access. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Internet access is a convenience, not a right. Seeking knowledge and being on the Internet are two different things. Knowledge can come from experience, reading books and conversations. Nowhere does it say in American laws that access to the Internet is an inherent right of the populace.

  • Not a human right

    No, I do not think Internet access is a human right. I would say it is considered a luxury. Those that have used the Internet to perform illegal tasks, or to find instructions on making bomb making materials did not have the "right" to be able to use the Internet. They had the privilege to use it, not a right.

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