Is Internet access a human right: Is a right to Internet necessary in modern democracy?

  • Yes, Internet access is necessary in a modern democracy.

    There are many forms of inequality. Technological inequality is not new, but it is growing rapidly along with jumps in technology. Poorer people do not have easy or reliable access to computers and the Internet, and these things have become almost a requirement for success in education and the workplace. Democracies have a responsibility to address substantial inequality and to promote at least equality of opportunity, if not equality of result. As such, modern democracies must embrace the idea that Internet access is a right and not a privilege. Otherwise, the gulf between classes will continue to grow, and upward mobility will become even more stagnant than it is at present.

  • Not All Societies Have Computers

    Access to the Internet is a modern convenience. However, access to the Internet isn't necessarily a human right across the planet. What about primitive tribes in the Amazon and in Africa? Does those people feel having Internet access is a right? What right do we, as a modern society, have to impose free Internet on someone who doesn't want or understand what it entails?

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