• So much online.

    Yes, Internet access is essential to have today, because there are so many things that are done online. People use the Internet as the yellow pages. People do a lot of things online, like applying for jobs, that people used to do on papers. We can't get by without it because we have become so dependent on it.

  • Internet access essential

    Yes I do believe that Internet access is very essential to have in this day and time. You can go to school online, you can go to work online. You can communicate with people online. There are so many things you can learn of the Internet just by researching it.

  • It is not necessary.

    Many people live without the internet, such as farmers who do not require internet at all. If need be, one can always borrow books from the library to obtain information. The internet only acts as a form of entertainment and is not necessary;one can always live without the internet present.

  • Internet access is not essential to have today.

    Internet access is not essential to have today. This is because if a person really wanted to, they could live on a farm, go to work, go shopping without the internet. They could also pay bills by mail. While many services rely on the internet, most services still have the old-fashioned route of mail or phone contact as well.

  • A Wireless World

    Internet is a very big part of today's society, however I don't believe that it is impossible to live without. It would be difficult for a person who has adapted to life with the Internet to stop cold turkey, but if you never had Internet access to begin with it wouldn't be impossible to finish your life without it. Before Internet was invented, people went about their lives perfectly easily. I believe that the web consumes a lot of time that could be spent doing otherwise useful things, and it would make for much better social interactions if more people avoided using it.

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