• Piracy is bad

    We would be robbing the company of their profits. Put yourself in their shoes. You would really feel frustrated right?So, you need to understand how they feel. Imagine yourself. You produce a movie and sell it on the internet. Instead of buying it , people download it from the internet! How would you feel?

  • Internet piracy is theft.

    Internet piracy is not as bad as stealing something physical, such as a CD or DVD, as no one lost money from the physical creation of the item, but, it is still theft, and still bad. While it may not be physical, the parallels are unquestionable. In both situations you are getting something for free that has cost others lots of time, money and effort to build. Films especially cost huge amounts to make, often hundreds of millions of dollars, in exactly the same way to how it costs someone to create a handbag or a car. If internet piracy was not an option, you would either not watch said film, or buy it, giving the creators money and consequently payment for their efforts. However, as internet piracy is an option, there is no motivation for people to pay. If everyone pirated this would mean that all films would result in major losses, and film/computer programme/music would all become charitable things relying on donations to be made. Instead, the current situation is some people pirate, and others pay the proper price, giving the creators the money they deserve. But that itself is unfair, as why should some have to pay while others do not? No matter how people twist it to justify what they are doing, despite the fact internet piracy is not stealing something physical, it is still theft, you are not stealing from a shop owner or item-owning citizen, but you are stealing from the creators of whatever you pirate.

  • Think of the people you could affect . . .

    Think of the people who could lose their jobs. You could be one of those people's. By downloading pirated content, you are putting at risk copyright industries and people employed there. A country's economy could decline because of pirates. Also, downloading music and movies put at risk celebrities, directors, etc. They aren't earning as much as they should because no one buys their products anymore.

  • Yes. Internet piracy is stealing.

    Yes. Internet piracy is really no better than stealing a DVD or CD off of the shelf at a local brick and mortar store. Those who participate in Internet piracy are literally making all media based formats more expensive for everyone else. There are stiff penalties threatened if someone is caught, but I haven't ever heard of someone with a small time operation getting prosecuted.

  • Understable, But Still Bad

    Piracy hurts musicians the worst. Every time an album is illegally downloaded, the artists who produced are ripped off from royalties due to them and their hard work. However, given the prices of music these days and a bad economy, people are going to find ways to do it in order to save money.

  • Piracy is not Sharing

    It can hardly be called "sharing" when the person giving isn't losing anything. Sharing implies division of a resource, product, etc. The end result of sharing is that you end up with less of the original. That is not the case with piracy.
    Copyright holders are not against true sharing. Go ahead and give your CD to a friend to borrow. It only becomes wrong if you were create another copy of that CD before giving it away. In that case, you just artificially increased the supply of the product.
    More supply = less value
    You have to be lying if you say decreasing the value of a product created for the purpose of profit is not a bad thing. That is exactly what piracy does.

  • Violation of our rights (Not True)

    That is simply not true you have absolutely no right to do that whether you paid for that digital item or not because you are copying that item to freely distribute it so people do not have to buy it anymore or to make easy free profit. This not only effects the market but also effects the person that spent blood, Sweat, And tears making and developing their creation. If you are copying it then it is subject to copyright whether you bought it or not you must get the owners permission first before you can do that legally otherwise it is an illegal act that you can get in trouble for.

  • It is basically stealing, And a disrespect to the work of the creators.

    The creators made the product, They spent time working, They had to think, They had to invest, They possibly passed hours and hours late into the night thinking how to make a good product, They try to sell it, So they can get compensated for their work, But no, Someone has to come and steal it from them, Why?
    The reasons i have read are:
    ''I can't afford it, So its good'': if you can't afford something, Then work, Get money, So you can pay it. Do you enter a car shop, And steal a car, Just because you can't pay it?

    ''They already have money, This won't hurt anyone'' : It actually hurts someone, Since they don't get compensated for their work, They don't want to work on it anymore, They prefer to move on to something that will pay for their food, Because they are also human.

  • It's not the best thing.

    Sure you wanna watch a movie but without paying for it, That's the dream right? Well put yourself in the shoes of the person that made that movie or song, They want the money and what you're doing isn't giving it to them, It's their song or their movie. Not anyone else's,

  • Takes the works of others without compensation

    You wouldn't want someone to move into your house for which you pay rent without permission, Why would it be okay to take someone's work and give it away or take it without permission.

    It deprives artists of the right to decide how they wish their work to be distributed.

  • It Depends On The Reason

    If you are poor and intend to pay it back, I believe it is okay, whereas if you can afford it, but don't want to pay it's not okay. Plus many online mediums are very expensive, but I cannot stress this enough, PAY FOR IT LATER! With software, if you need it for college or your job fine, but end up paying it back. If you never can, at least try. Or, if you live in a country where it isn't available fine, they won't lose a sale anyway. But if they do send it over there eventually, pay for it. This is just my opinion. PAY IT BACK LATER!

  • Piracy is good for isolated countries.

    Isolated countries which has little to no original content like Indonesia, Iran and Malaysia SHOULD pirate because they cannot enjoy the services of the world.
    Think about it, companies still make millions even after their games are pirated.
    Take Minecraft for example, MinecraftSP and TeamXtream players are almost as much as original Minecraft players. But the game is still a huge success.
    People whining about PIracy being "Stealing" is wrong.
    This things are called "preserving". Extending the age of old games and music.
    Yes, there are pirates for recent content aswell. But they are still selling millions despite its pirated loss.

  • No absolutely not.

    Online piracy can help people who have less money.If there is no online piracy,they won't have enough money to afford to but them.Also,it could have students who has less allowance. It would help them to get educational things easier.Lastly,it is more important to make your albums famous than making more money.Don't you think this is right?

  • It Isn't That Bad

    Piracy is commonly seen as theft, when in reality, that could not be farther from the truth. Piracy is simply making a copy of a popular software for more people to use. The original software is still there; a copy is just made for use by others. Piracy isn't that bad, and the largest figures who oppose piracy are those who stand to loose the most from it, such as large companies or uber-rich celebrities.

  • It is not really a bad thing

    In my case, I had to download pirated adobe products because they were tooooooooo expensive for a student like me. I could not afford something over $1000 just after I got accepted in my school. Money doesn't grow easily like leaves in spring. Those pirated adobe actually helped me to improve with my design and developed myself. I could learn new experience by using them. Without them I would not be able to move forward easily in my study. Of course, now since adobe has cc product that allows me to pay monthly, it's no longer that difficult, I'm subscribing them.

    Really, internet piracy is not that bad when you want to learn something but you don't have any money for it.

  • No one lost money

    Piracy is copying digital content. If I steal your shiny new car, I hurt you and now you are at a loss. If I were somehow able to copy it, and leave the original there for you then you neither lost nor gained anything. You actually helped someone out! Digital media cannot be stolen. If I really respect a program or a piece of music, I will purchase it to help the creator out.

  • No absolutely not.

    As a college student I don't have a lot of money. Getting stuff for free is thus my way of getting the stuff I want. With the money saved, I can buy other stuff for which money has to be paid. So, I love piracy. It's the only way that I can get everything.

  • It's Called Sharing

    I think it's beautiful that people are readily willing to share the things they've purchased with their own money with complete strangers, for absolutely nothing. They don't do it for money, because it's free. They don't do it for fame, because with their identity revealed they'd be arrested. How can such a generous act be something "bad"?

  • No it is not!!

    I think piracy is a good thing, because you can get whatever you want for free without having to pay a lot of money, they need to also get rid of the existence of copyright, as well as the MPAA and RIAA to be closed down and no more!!!, I love piracy so much, they need to legalize it!!!

  • Violation of our rights

    To say one cannot share what is his/hers is attacking our freedom. Plus, a music file can't just be shared freely, someone had to buy it, than that person chooses to share the file for free, thus piracy. It's not stealing because what are we stealing? Plus, there are other means to making money through art, the consumers aren't the only people who pay the money. There's alot more to say, but I'm too cool and like sleep.

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