• Yes: Internet Trolling Is A Sign Of Sociopathic Behavior

    Sociopaths take pleasure in deceiving, manipulating, and causing emotional distress in their victims. Certainly not every Internet troll is a sociopath, but the sadistic nature in such trolls has been linked to sociopathic tendencies. Further, the system in which we live is maintained by a sociopathic, Machiavellian order, known in IR theory as Realism. Such a social structure trickles down to create the pathologically tinged environment in which trolls exist in the first place. Trolls are a sign of this larger sociopathy.

  • Mean people do it.

    Yes, Internet trolling is a sign of sociopathic behavior, because the people who use the internet to be intentionally mean to others are angry, mean people. There are studies that confirm as much. If they were not sociopathic, they would find something better to do with their time than hurt others.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe Internet trolling could be a sign of sociopathic behavior, but I can assume people troll for different reasons, so it's unfair to say that they are all sociopaths. It is possible that our government hires people to troll and it is also easy to assume that businesses could hire people to troll as well. It's the people who do it in their spare time, for no apparent reason, that are really sick.

  • Hey! Yes, I still Troll for a laugh, but not that much these days. Though sometimes I behave like a relentless Sociopath.

    It's nothing to do with Anger, it has always been part of my own psychological studies into human behavior by prodding other people's sensitivities and seeing what kind of response I receive. It has always been an interesting pastime, yet, I agree that I can be somewhat of a sociopath, in that at times I care so little about the psych of some that I attack, that I have gone overboard in my derision of them.
    Though sometimes I feel their concepts are so utterly and naively ridiculous that it appears that they really don't have a properly functioning brain or never went to a school that teaches anything even a little rational.
    Yes, then I can be extremely mean, without any remorse!!!
    :-D~ LOL!

  • Flagulaf indeed backstabber

    Trometiduck, lolipops, and weasels art thou beseech. Forthwith unto until globidy-goop mufflif Pikachu. Ni of this sight that ye gan see, neven it neither, even ni morn. Lordings, listen now unto me! I command you in ilk degree/ as doomsmen cheif in this country/ for council kenned. At my bidding you owe to be/ and bainly bend. And sir Caiaphas, chief of clergy! Of your council let hear on high, by your ascent since we did die Jesus this day, if ye maintain and stand thereby that work alway. Yes sir, that deed shall we maintain. By law it was done all bedene.

    Posted by: kbub
  • YESSSSSSS...... DUH, YEAH!!!!!! (nac)

    Um hello? Have you seen or read any of the stuff Imabench posts? He is clearly psychopathic and a bad influence on the rest of us normal innocent human beings. (Why does this require a minimum of words? I can't think of anything else to say, so now I'm just typing random crap...) JK IMABENCH IS FUNNY AND AWESOME ANYONE READING THIS SHOULD FIND HIS PROFILE AND READ SOME OF HIS STUFF just don't go crazy stalker mode, I guess....

  • You may as well define all teasing as sociopathic

    Full of mischief, for sure. But sociopathic?

    Have you never tried to see if you could trick someone for a bit, jokingly being very serious about something you know to be false or ridiculous? Or even played devil's advocate for fun? If this is what it is to be a sociopath, there are a lot of them out there.

    I guess it depends on what a person thinks of as trolling. I see the definition shifting in the media to mean someone who is simply bullying or harassing someone online. Under THAT definition, if that is what a person is actually doing, vice simply holding an opposing opinion that the person sees as just wrong, for whatever reason, then perhaps it is sociopathic.

    But ACTUAL internet trolling is not.

  • It can't be.

    Internet trolling is not sociopathic. I, for one, tend to troll when I have downtime and TV has nothing good on. This does not make me a sociopath, but according to some of my victims, my arguments hold the most appeal to sociopaths. Hey, animal abuse is perfectly okay, am I right?

  • Not at all...

    Trolling is a sign of attention seeking behavior and immaturity. Although trolls often make statements indicating a sociopathic mind, I don't think they even believe what they're saying. I mean, that's what a troll is, right? Someone who makes hyperbolic and inflammatory statements for the purpose of getting a rise out of reasonable people.

  • No, trolling is not a sign of something more mischevious.

    i do not think that internet trolling is a sign of sociopathic behavior. I think that most peopel who troll on the Internet are just peopel who have nothing better to do and are bored with their lives. I do not think that they would be somebody who is dangerous to society.

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Sagey says2014-03-12T11:56:38.533
Often there are people that obviously need an education, so they get one, whether they like it or not! :-D~ Though I forewarn them these days, like, hey, dude, if you keep putting your unreal, irrational concepts out there on public space, expect to cop some seriously hurtful criticism, because there are rational people out there who will attack such concepts without any caring about your feelings.
So keep your beliefs to yourself if you don't want to take personal attacks!
Sometimes they take notice and then sometimes they attack me for trying to warn them.
Then they cop the personal flack I warned them about from myself, just as a taste of what they are likely to get in the future.
That's not Trolling.
That is giving them an education about posting nonsensical garbage on the Internet.

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