Is Interplanetary/Interstellar/Intergalatic Space Travel Moral (Yes) or Immoral (No)?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • God has created the universe; therefore, we must explore it.

    It doesn't make sense when God has created the entire universe and we can't explore it to meet other species that God has created. The bible says that we must fill the Earth, but we can't fill the universe? I'm not saying that we should disobey the bible. I don't see anywhere in the bible that says that you're not allowed to leave the Earth. I only brought this up because my mother said that it is immoral to leave Earth to inhabit other planets/galaxies. I disagree on that opposition. Scientifically, we should explore other planets that we could live on to flourish our race off the charts. Seriously, we don't know what's out there. Maybe, teleportation is possible on other planets. Let's go see. Maybe, we can mate with the other species if they are similar to us sexually. We can achieve true wonders.

  • Morality Doesn't really apply here in my opinion.

    I do agree with Dishough on one thing and that is that the universe is big and that it exists. Our universe is mostly (to our knowledge) a lot like our solar system minus Earth. We can explore it without destroying it and even if we leave a planet in environmental havoc does it really matter? After a few years (relatively) of no inhabitants polluting it should return to normal. Also take a second to consider the sear size of the universe. We couldn't possibly harm it in any measurable way. This means it isn't moral so if I had to assign morality I would say yes. It is our destiny and the eventual path of our species.

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PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-15T00:42:03.957
Why is this even a question? What says its moral? What says its immoral. It's just exploring...