Is "intersexual" a "politically correct" term for individuals with indefinite sexual characteristics?

  • Yes, intersexual is a pc term.

    I think that the term "intersexual" is a politically correct term for individuals with indefinite sexual characteristics. I think that it is a term that is appropriate for such a medical term. I do think though that there is a ridiculous amount of terms that exist that can also be used.

  • Yes, it might be.

    I have heard of terms such as asexual or hermaphrodite but calling someone intersexual sounds much more neutral and can be said without judgment. It is comforting to see the world as divided into two sexes, but these days we are seeing emerging genders and sexual orientations that are not easily classified.

  • Intersexual does not mean indefinite.

    Intersexual is not a politically correct term for individuals with indefinite sexual characteristics, because that is not a technically accurate term. People who are indetermined sexually would probably prefer to be stated that way. We are probably overthinking things, when really they probably do not want to stand out or make a big deal of it.

  • No, it is already filled by transgender

    How many new words do we need? Transgender fills this need, and is already socially recognized and accepted. LGBT is an accepted abbreviation. By adding a new term people are not familiar with, it will confuse people,and may push them further from the issue. Even with the definition listed after the word, it is not entirely clear who this pertains to.

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