• Much more than it meets the eye.

    One of the best aspects of this film is the portrayal of humanity, and throughout the movie is totally believable. The movie knows what it is and it´s always moving forward, it never stands still, the stakes grow higher and the ending is open to interpretations, which is the point of what Christopher Nolan wants to do. The character development, the emotions, the visual effects, the music, and the complex storytelling are all beautifully handled. Yes, it´s a great sci-fi movie, but it´s so much more than that, it goes beyond the genre. Recommended!

  • Yes it is worth seeing!

    I do believe it is worth seeing because I am a space fanatic and have been trying to find a movie all about that and I think this one could be it! They've obviously been working on it for a while and there are not much movies that only focus on space and not aliens and other creatures that are fictional.

  • Yes, I think it is worth seeing.

    Yes, I think that intersteller is worth seeing because I have always wanted to see a movie like this and i love what the plot is about. I am very curious about space and what is up there and about the universe so this would be a great movie to give me some kind of an idea.

  • Um, sure I guess?

    I haven't seen it, or heard of it until just now. I looked it up and it looks alright. Are you asking if it's worth seeing in theaters or waiting until it comes out and seeing it or what? I almost always wait to see movies until later because the movies here are so expensive.

  • Nolan Is Too Good To Avoid

    Christopher Nolan has a well-earned reputation as a director, writer and filmmaker. The Batman franchise was exceptional, and Inception is still one of the most mind-bending movies ever. In spite of some of the reviews for Interstellar, Nolan has earned the trust of moviegoers to see his latest opus. Not to mention that Matthew McConaughey is well worth seeing in just about anything!

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