• From the start, iOS is already better than Android

    From the start, Apple with its iOS system is already better than Android. Before Android is even in existence, iOS is already becoming a great platform for Apple's smartphone which utilizes touchscreen technology. Even now, iOS apps are more stable than Android apps, not to mention that iOS has more apps than Android. IOS7 will definitely be a big improvement from previous version, with all the more innovative features not available on Android.

  • Gg no re

    I did loads of research to see if iOS7 is better. Most of them said that it's better. I agree completely. The simple design, dynamic wallpapers, widgets in iOS 8 (gg no re, they're in the notification center in the betas), redesigned multitasking, third-party keyboards in iOS 8 (again, gg no re), iOS is getting better at everything.

  • Easier to use

    IOS 6 was in my opinion much easier to use than iOS 7. Still, iOS 7 beats Android hands down. Android just feels clumsy and complicated compared to iOS 7. It may offer many options and customization, but I simply don't care. I want a phone that is easy to use and I don't want to fiddle with the settings for hours.

  • Its better looking, more intuitive, more fluid and better in every way... Except the awful iTunes!

    Its better looking, more intuitive, more fluid, more apps and better in every way ... Except the awful iTunes and the lousy way I have to import my music... From the time I bought my iPhone I stopped listening to music... The only reason I'm thinking to return back to Android.

  • Not an Apple fan boy... Exactly

    I am one of the few who likes both Apple and Android. Apple for its elegant interface, safety of its walled garden and their impeccable build quality. Android for its diversity and innovation. IOS7 is better than Jelly Bean. But who knows if KitKat will leapfrog it. I like the competition because it keeps the pace of improvement moving. We all benefit.

  • IOS still on top

    Having used both android and apple phones is recent years m loyalties currently lie with apple. I really enjoyed my time with android but a major deciding factor for me was the ease of which apples devices interact. IOS 7 is only making it easier to interact with family and friends.

  • This debate comes down to the definition of "better"

    The term better, as defined by New Oxford American Dictionary, states " of a more excellent or effective type or quality" - meaning that whichever platform, iOS or Android, must prove that it is more excellent, and effective.

    In other words, the platform must meet the basic requirement of being effective - which I believe that both do. However, it must also be efficient. The level of efficiency within iOS is stellar compared to Android.

    Currently, Android 4.3 is still plagued with glitches and for the general end-user, it can be extremely frustrating. For those who are not code-literate, any chance of rectifying issues is nearly impossible. IOS 7 runs seamless, is reliable, and the speed is on the high-end compared to Android 4.3.

    One common counter to iOS is that it falls behind, or it's developments are delayed and is always running behind the standard of technology. This may be true that Apple will wait to implement features, however the features that they do implement are almost 100% reliable and stellar. In other words, Apple nails it when others don't.

    I have personally dealt with both, and both have their pro's and con's. Android excels in customization of GUI, while iOS comes with minimal persistent bugs. Ultimately, it is because of that that I must give my vote to iOS - especially for the general end-user.

  • IOS is terrible and will always be terrible

    Where can I start, the screen size, the lack of customizability, the lack of widgets, the slow speed, and on top of all of this, ios 7 is a copy of android (Control Center is a copy of Quick Toggles, and many more copied features that I can't even name). IOS needs to fix a lot of things before it can compare to android. All previous advantages it had (ease of use and the availability of apps) is now gone.

  • Everyone uses their phones differently, Android allows you to be different.

    Both my partner and I have the same phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) yet both of our phones look different - on mine I have international clock, torch, weather, alarm and the main apps I use on my 3 home screens and her phone looks completely different as she uses different features. On Android, your phone allows you to customise your home screens so you can get the info you need at a glance, with no need to trawl through tonnes of apps and folders searching for the information you want. Yes, it will take you a little longer to set up and perfect... Yes, that will result in time saved and a better overall user experience.

    Apple is fine, if you only have simple requirements of a phone, and many do - it also incorporates some great features - however the things I don't like about it is the contagious arrogance that seems to come in the box with an Apple product and immediately affects it's users - and it's very limited customisation and lack of SWIPE typing (as a factory installed option).

  • No, ios 7 is not better then Android.

    IOS 7 is a totally different operating system then the Android operating system. This is why it is almost impossible to say that it is better then Android. People have personal preferences. In my own opinion I prefer the Android operating system to IOS, but that does not mean that it is better.

  • IOS 7 is still too much of a closed system

    IOS7 is still worse than android. Android is very Google-integrated, and this makes is very useful and good to use. That might not be useful if you only use Bing/yahoo and Vimeo, but honestly, if you actually use those, you shouldn't be arguing here anyways. Android is also a much customizable and open UI - widgets, shortcuts, it's all very personal. And then the notifications menu is great, and so is the mail (gmail) app. ITunes really sucks, and although iOS 7 is simple to use, it really doesn't go very far.
    A lot of people also complain about reliability on the Google Play Store. These people who complain must be idiots to fall for some bullcrap app that they thought was legit. Just don't go around downloading sketchy apps, and your'e completely fine. The reviews on the app will also tell you if it is worth downloading. The Google Play Store has more apps than the appstore anyways (seriously, Google it!).
    Chrome is aguably better than safari, but on android, you can download tons of browsers AND make them your default browser. I personally prefer Next browser, but you can find any browser that suits your needs.
    Sharing anything using Apple is very difficult, but on android, you can share files/photos with ANY app that supports sharing! It is so much easier.
    IOS 7 is something that all the apple fanboys wanted and they are extremely pleased about it: looks a bit nicer, has a control center (copied off of android), and looks nicer, BUT IT HAS THE SAME CLOSED SYSTEM THAT IS TOO RESTRICTING! Even if you jalibreak your iPhone, you'll only get the features that android gets out of the box! IOS 7 was built for die-hard apple fans, but doesn't please anyone else.

  • Completely disagree with the stability and application arguments.

    I have heard several people say that iOS is "more stable". However, that is being compared to the entirety of Android across all the interfaces and manufacturers. When placed head to head with PURE Android, IE Nexus Devices, Moto X, etc etc, it is a different story.

    As far as applications go, to say Apple has more of a selection is completely and utterly false. It is estimated that Android has over 2.1 million applications are available. When you add that to the fact that 70% are free, versus Apple's 10-15%, it is a clear cut winner.

  • Still Lots Missing

    Android still has unified sharing, customization of launcher, alphabetically sorted apps, changing default apps, better multitasking, better and more open cloud storage, side loading of apps, widgets, google now and the list goes on. IOS is exactly what loyal apple fans are looking for, but it still falls far short of Android

  • It has been playing catch up

    IOS 7 will be good, for this reason: It finally caught up with the new features of Android and Windows Phone. That said, iOS 7 basically just copied new features from Android and added a lot of design elements from Windows Phone 8. There are no new features that Android doesn't have. Apple is playing catch up.

  • 100% Personal Opinion

    The idea of "better" is down to preference in this instance. Whatever you prefer will be better for you. With that said, the iOS 7 update may be the biggest change to Apple's iOS operating system since inception, but it's still not really that different. People who currently like Android more than iOS likely won't change their minds over this, but again it's all opinion.

    Posted by: Vox

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Apple has the most apps