• Apps Apps Apps!

    IOS has the best apps collection. Quantity and Quality vise. Any time a new app comes it is on iOS first and then few months later on Android. The only reason people really like Android is customization. But functionality is important than sitting around and wasting time on customizing. Android is sluggish and ugly.

  • iOS was perfected

    iOS was the first popular software to go out, Android pretty much copied it. Who had the accelerometer first? iOS. Who had the Proximity sensor first? iOS. Who had the multi-touch screen? iOS. Yes Android lets you customize your phone more and all but Apple is more secure and its easier to use, there is a reason big companies have now allowed their employees to use iPhones instead of Android phones. Android is a great software dont get me wrong but it just cant compare to iOS when it comes to user friendliness, popularity, and originality.

  • Apple Created the Smartphone

    Apple created the smartphone and perfected the device. Those who created the iPhone don't have a corner on the mobile market, but everything else that comes out after the iPhone is simply imitating the design as best as possible. Apple has always had the best tech and the best devices and the company will continue to do so.

  • iOS is better

    The Apple iPhones are superior as far as customer service and accessibility is concerned. The layout is easy to use and simplistic enough for anyone to use, but also, is powerful enough to take on several tasks at once without missing a beat. And with all the updates the iOS uses, there are so many useful upgrades that keep it current for common user.

  • iOS is fast.

    My main gripe with Android is it always feels a little sluggish. It may be due to fact that software is so tightly coupled with the hardware, but whatever the case may be, iOS just feels faster and more responsive than Android.

    I'm not a UX expert, but for the most part, I'd say ease of operation is about the same between the two OS's, but I think iOS is generally more pleasant to the eye.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.

  • Android is for kids!

    What a clunky out dated OS Android is. Closing a program should be easy, synching music should be one click, but not on Android. Taking my android based tablet back to the shop and getting an iPad, why, cause you get what you pay for, a proper system that just works.

  • IOS is way better

    IOS is much better. Why? Because it's much more simple. If iOS would never be there, Android would've never got near what it is now. Android, before iOS, was suposed to come with a phone that had a keyboard, then apple releases the iPhone with iPhone OS, and Android began to look like it. Seriously, Android is just a rip-off from iOS. It's just that android is being worked more than iOS.

  • Tried iPhone and never went back

    Seriously I used to hate apple zombies, but once I lost my s3 and was given an i5 I saw how nice, and easy it is. Ios is just good. No problems, and there isn't a ton of bs to go through to get that feel you're looking for. I bought the s4 and used it for 2 months, but it just didn't cut it anymore. Doesn't matter if the phone specs says it's faster it's just not. I sold it and bought a used i5. Honestly I think people only have android because they haven't had ios. Android is too childish, if you want an actual good mobile OS, and you still want to customize it than jailbreak an iPhone. Android just isn't up to par.

  • iOS > Android

    As a supreme operating system, iOS has worked it's way to the top easily. Only very recently has Apple removed their guarantee of virus-free OS. Why? Because only recently has the Apple OS been penetrated, and not very significantly. I would call the Apple OS more secure. The Google Play Store has a higher proximity rate for malware than the native App Store on iOS. Developers have to pay hefty sums to enter an app into the App Store, and even then, it has to undergo rigorous testing and screening to make sure it is malware-free. The Google Play Store may have more options, but it is less secure. It is much cheaper (if not free) for a developer to submit an app to the Google Play Store. With all the requests, testing is less thorough and may miss malware contained such as Trojan Horses. When phone hacking is demonstrated online, it is usually an Android being hacked with an active virus functioning in the background and almost unnoticeable. The reason is simple; Androids are just easier targets.

  • Apple's iOS is smoother.

    Over all, Android is good but iOS exterior looks nicer, it's faster and Androids touch screens are extremely horrible. I've used both systems and prefer iOS, iOS has more apps and if you jailbreak it you can get them for free, which I'm pretty sure you can't do on Android.

  • Of course not

    Obvious ... IOS is just copying Android now. In 2007-2011 yes, iOS was better, but now Android is so far ahead.

    Notification center, easy settings icons, flat design. We can't say that iOS is better. It's like to say my little Renault Clio is better than Ferrari. IOS is a good OS, but not better than Android.

  • iOS is not open.

    The main problem about iOS is that it is not an open operating system. Sure, apple wants you to have a bulletproof experience, but doesn't that get old after a while? They don't take risks to add new things or allow developers to have control over the phone with their apps. Every day, you're just looking at the same old rows of icons that take you into an app. You can't change the look or feel of the phone or even you're home screens like you can with launchers on android. For the developer part, take Google Now for example: In android, the app can access your information from other apps and searches and can predict what you wish to do, but in iOS, the experience isn't nearly as awesome. And then you have all those little things, like the tremendously useless notification system (once a bar pops up on a screen to show you the notification, you have no way of seeing it again) and the lack of true multitasking. IOS used to be better than android, but that era is long gone.

  • Android iss waay better.

    Features in Ios are very limited, doesn't have much innovation, its good for children and people who aren't familiar with the latest technology. But if you are a pro, i dont have to tell you why android is the best. As a developer i guarantee that android has much more potential than Ios, since android is open source, developers can tryout various new stuff, redesigning it from the core to build something beautiful and totally new.
    I like to listen to music and android is great in the entertainment section aswell, since alot of apps are there,and mods like Beats and stff, its a great way to enhance music, its just epic, something ios users will miss out

  • Android is better.

    IOS is boring, provides nothing new, and the devices are always far too expensive and attempt to rip you off because the devices wear an apple on the back. Android devices, on the other hand, sport better specs, better cameras, bigger screens, more exciting design, and greater customization. Why anyone would go to iOS where there is next to no change is beyond me.

  • Features, Freedom, Innovative and Standardised

    Android is better than iOS because;
    * True multitasking vs Apple's "Suspend - Resume" method. Plus Samsung Multi window mode increases productivity
    * Availability to use expandable storage and USB-on-the-go functionality
    * Access to the file system making tranfer of files easy
    * Transferring files with NFC (S beam and android beam) is much faster and requires only a tap on the screen
    * Use of standard USB cables, MHL and micro HDMI makes life easy
    * Ability to set default apps as per user's choice
    * Robust Sharing menu making sharing of content between apps easier and better
    * Widgets provide real time information in the home screen without having to open any apps
    * can use a keyboard of preference
    * Ability to use torrents for downloading
    * Ability to play a vast type of media files without conversion (xvid ect)
    * Ability to accesa the Play store via web and install apps remotely
    * Google Now is much faster and useful compared to Siri
    * More freedom of choice in the handset you want since lot of manufacturers use Android and they cater to different segments of the market
    * Use of 720p and 1080p screens
    * Ability of the apps to resize according to different resolutions
    * Users can use different launchers to suit their taste
    * Users can install custom roms if they wish
    * Multiple users can use the same tablet much like a computer
    There are many more but I believe it's enough to PROVE that android is far more feature rich and advanced which is mostly standardised and give a lot of innovations and freedom to the industry :)

  • The limiting Factors

    Horrendous Multitasking, Extremely Closed Platform which disables a free-roaming developer to be a prisoner.

    I like to meet them so-called "App" developers for the ios platforms, I don't think they even tried Objective-C, they just build them from one of them drag 'n drop programs instead of hard-coding them,

    And two, it is grossly overpriced, very fragile(so are most phones but iphones are the flimsiest). The only good thing it has is the apply logo and the Apps, don't even get me started!

  • apple didn't create the smartphone and no

    I personally used to be an apple fanboy, then i discovered android and realize how much better it is. ?Here is why: it is open source, google now, widgets (sorry had to bring it up), I personally would rather have a phone that can do more than a phone that looks better. I also enjoyed the learning curve of my first android (galaxy nexus). Seriously, my phone notifies me when its time to leave for an appointment (or anything else for that matter). It even takes the trafffic into account. Hardware-wise too it is also better because you have the option to choose if you want a high quality phone or a budget phone. Finally, the iphone was not the first smartphone! why does everyone think that? what about the old (non-android) linux phones? Those were around before the Iphone. The Iphone was just the first popular smartphone.

  • Android is better!

    Sometimes there are times that you would miss your iPhone. There are Pros about the iPhone however there are things that I wish the iPhone actually had. There is something in some Android Mobiles, that is called Google Now. It is like Siri, but can do a bit more. Also Android has Face Recognition. This is quite convenient, as you don't even need to set a finger on the touch screen. Also with Android, there are more functions for the Map. Obviously, Apple iPhone etc. uses Google Maps. It is missing some features that can make the Map for convenient. Personally, I think Android is better.

  • IOS is boring.

    It has the same user interface since 2007. There is nothing more than icons which makes its devices what they are. However take them away the devices have no functionality. The devices lack NFC technology which places the devices behind the industry. Lacks imagination and becomes common place after using it for a short while. Subsequently the ease of use is associated to older and nontechnical users. This is according to Apple. In other words it is for dumb people.

  • DROID give you the freedom

    DROID give you the freedom to do whatever younreally wants to do with your devices and have great operating system that fits for various people needs Android has much for freedom and is capable of doing IOS can. Older version is not so good but as of Android 4.2 they are about equal,, before we that Apple is leading in Market but as of now,,, well Android is for Everybody! :-)

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NitaGoResult says2014-01-24T06:10:37.783
All valid very arguments but I see it a little differently..

Availability: It's true there's a shortage for the Nexus 4 and S, but I guess you can't blame Google since they did not produce the phones themeselves.

Repairability: If I were a store, I wouldn't want to carry parts for a brand which had more than 10 variations, whereas there would only be 1 right screen for the current Apple phone. Think of it as a small retail store store, would you want to carry all sizes for a shoe, or ties which only come in 1 size?

Resale: Simply because of the way Apple has branded themselves as 'high end' products.

Bugs: Hard to say and probably differs from user to user, but I haven't experienced any of those bugs on my N4. On my previous iphone3gs, the lagging was horrendous after a year of use though.