Is iPhone 6's "Bendgate" as big of a problem as the media is making it out to be?

  • yes it is

    This is a brand new concept, I dont think I have ever heard of a phone bending. There is something totally wrong with paying hundreds of dollars on a phone that is going to bend and possibly break internally just because apple was clearly careless about this. They have plenty of money to fix what is happening.

  • Yes, They're Breaking

    I think the worst part about the bendable iPhone 6 is the fact that they break when this happens. Or they can break. To me that is a big deal. These phones aren't cheap and if they aren't made in a quality manner then they shouldn't be sold for a high sticker price. So, bottom line is no. The media is not making it bigger than it is.

  • No, its not as big a problem

    I don't believe it is an much as a problem as the media is making out as Apple have only received 9 official complaints. People are putting their phones under more pressure than would be applied during normal use in order to demonstrate how bendy the phones are. Apple should however do some further research into the circumstances when phones bend as it may be a combination of heat and pressure that is causing it to bend

  • Bendgate is not a big deal

    Bendgate is not a big deal. This is because people usually make a big deal out of small features concerning phones than they have to. People tend to want the latest thing, and that means slim features. It is no surprise the iPhone bends. It is probably made out of cheaper materials as well.

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