• In my opinion iPhone is better

    I believe that Apple products are way more user friendly. I also believe that the iPhone's interface is a little more appealing and sleek. I have had so many problems just with the two android devices that I have had they both had problems with not glitching and were both very laggy. I have yet to have my iPhone lag.

  • IPhone Is way better

    Apple has a far better and clean inteface for their products. The design of the products, the operating system and everything all go tougher. Doing something is simple and you have siri to complete tasks for you.
    On android on the other hand. They have plastic phones (most of them) and run a laggy O.S

  • Iphone stole most from android

    Everything iphone has been releasing has been to copy android and it's feel. Nothing apple has done in the last several years is original. Siri was even stolen from a chinese android developer. With android you get your phone and not a phone with so many restrictions it can be used basically for a toy.

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