• Yes, it is.

    The iPhone is the must have gadget. It is vastly superior to all of its competition. Essentially every other phone company is attempting to copy the iPhone. The iPhone is by far more popular. It's ease of use makes it the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone should get one.

  • The iPhone is not the must have gadget.

    Although the iPhone is famous, it is an overrated machine. The iPhone is overpriced and it does not have significantly better features than comparable smart phones by Samsung. Apple's phones are also incompatible with the Android operating system. The price does not really justify buying an iPhone over a cheaper alternative.

  • Smart phones though

    iPhones are just smart phones from Apple and are not, on their own, worthy of being called a must have gadget. Still, smart phones overall are a definite must have for many types of people, so iPhones are at least desirable in that respect. Still not iPhones specifically for anybody.

  • The iPhone is not the must-have gadget.

    It's a phone. There are many phones to be had that aren't severely overpriced. The iPhone is more fashion than phone. With more competition producing, arguably, better technology at a lower price the iPhone may be seeing the end of its reign in the cell phone industry. It's just not a practical purchasing decision for most people these days.

  • iPhone Not the Top Gadget

    In reality, the Apple iPhone is no longer the top gadget. Many amazing smartphones and other devices are available to consumers today. For that reason, a person should always consider buying something other than the iPhone. This includes devices with larger screens, more powerful processors, and other great phone features.

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